Listening to a false preacher gives you false hope – looking at Christine Caine’s speech at Passion 2019.

In a recent Facebook comment Justin Peters notes: “In WoF land, you will hear the word “activate” a lot. In WoF teachings, the object of our faith is our faith (really, us). We possess faith. Something we DO activates it, then God works within it. That’s why within WoF if something doesn’t happen the way we decreed it, (healing, prosperity) it means WE didn’t have enough faith. Things depend on us and our faith, not on God. You see the switch: in WoF teachings it’s switched from God being sovereign to us being sovereign. Word of Faith teachers need to read and re-read Job 38-41 to learn man’s place before a sovereign God.”

What brought about his comment was an article by Elizabeth Prata where Elizabeth critiques a sermon by Christine Caine at Passion 2019.


Elizabeth Prata writes:

The Passion 2019 conference concluded last weekend. The event has expanded to four simultaneous venues spread among three cities, and all four were sold out. A total of just over 43,000 youths between the ages of 18-25 were in attendance.

One of the speakers this year was Christine Caine. Christine hails from Australia and is known for having founded the Propel Women organization and A21. Propel aims at “Activating every woman’s passion, purpose, & potential.” A21 “is abolishing slavery everywhere, forever.”

Caine is popular, but sadly she is a false teacher. Michelle Lesley wrote about Caine here. I wrote about her here.

The three-day Passion conference event is specifically a youth-oriented event. There is a restricted age-range that is allowed to attend. No one under 18 (unless you’re a senior in High School) and no one over the age of 26. Only the Pastor or Leader of the group attending may enter. No parents, no elder siblings, no elders of your church. Access denied.

Here are videos of the event.

I received a query about Caine’s sermon, so listened to it, which was almost an hour. Well, I muted the sound and pushed forward the slider in ten second increments while reading the closed captions. I read what she taught and it was straight Word of Faith, twisted verses and all. Here are specifics on how to detect Word of Faith teaching.

The Word of Faith movement is decidedly unbiblical.

Read more here…


Source: Elizabeth Prata, The End Time blog,, Published Jan 7, 2019. (Accessed Jan 13, 2019.)

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