Louie Giglio’s Passion Conference promoting ‘Little-God’ theology.

It should come as no surprise that the popular ‘Passion Conference’, led by its Apostolic leader, Louie Giglio, espouses the New Apostolic Reformation’s dangerous ‘little god’ theology (also known as sonship). He (and popular guest Beth Boore) are recognised as Apostles by the Apostolic Network, Hillsong. Not only does Giglio and Passion Conference espouse this heresy, they openly advertise and promote it on social media.


Although Reformation Charlotte do a fantastic job refuting this heresy, below we point out the origin of this teaching, observing that these people who believe this do not have the Holy Spirit in them – but a different spirit.


The New Order of the Latter Rain (1948) was the cult that birthed the idea that God was raising up gods and a divine army to take dominion over the world. They taught that man could enter into this ‘divinity’ through spiritual baptism. As a result, the Voice of Healing Movement, and the Charismatic Movement were birthed, later to repackage and popularise this teaching through the New Apostolic Reformation. In fact, NAR Apostolic Prophet Bob Jones popularised this ‘little gods’ doctrine through the late C. Peter Wagner, Mike Bickle’s iHOP, Rick Joyner’s Morning Star ministry, Patricia King’s Xtreme Prophetic and Bill Johnson’s Bethel church. Jones claims,

For the Sons and Daughters of God are coming forward. The Lord also, Himself, said, ‘You are gods’- in Psalms 82:2. You’re gods. You’re the sons of God. Therefore that makes you sons and daughters.

But there’s a group of you that’s reached the level of maturity. That you could come forth and you’re to do the things that the Lord did.

You got the same genetics in you. You’re built out of DNA, but in here, the spirit is genetics. You’re children of your father and you will please your father when you begin to do the things. But the greater works, but, I believe, this is the beginning to make way for the greater works. So, we are in a time of great change.” [Source]

Jones is talking about both the ‘little gods’ heresy (New Breed) and the end-time church being ‘god in human flesh’ (One New Man heresy). It was Bob Jones who was very big on spiritual genetics and divine DNA, this language being a gateway to brainwash people into believing they are ‘divine beings’. In fact, Bob Jones has made it clear that those baptised in the spirit to become ‘gods’, have been made so through a different spirit: 

“So what he’s talking about is the New Breed is this: it’s Romans 1:4, The Spirit of Holiness. So for years I’ve tried to get understanding what the Spirit of Holiness is, for it’s different than the Holy Spirit.” [Source]

In other words, those ‘baptised by the spirit’, aren’t baptised by the Holy Spirit. They are baptised by another spirit that the NAR call the ‘spirit of holiness’. And this is so these Charismatic/NARismatic converts as ‘divine beings’ can move in supernatural power. This spirit is actually found in the New Age movement, as it portrays Jesus as an ‘ascended master’ and we as beings who can ascend to his level of divinity to ‘awaken’ (their language) the world to a higher plane of existence, purpose, prosperity and power.

This means the NAR are opening people to demonic possession which is why they allow their converts to manifest like demoniacs on the floor, (proving the Holy Spirit’s fruit of self control is absent) and promote their followers to babble like pagans (which Jesus forbids in Matthew 6:7). Their teachings and practices demonstrate these people have no part of Christ’s church.

We thank Reformation Charlotte for recently pointing out this serious doctrinal error being promoted by Passion Conference.

Charlotte Reformation writes:

Popular Passion Conference Promoting Little-God Theology

It’s well known that the popular Passion conferences every year host some highly questionable at best speakers. Among them have been the prosperity pimp-tress from Hillsong, Christine Caine, Matt Chandler of the Village Church, Hillsong LA pastor Chad Veach, popular bible-twister, Beth Moore, open-but-cautious charismatic bible teacher John Piper, and also, of course, Louie Giglio of Passion City Church.

A popular heresy among charismatic false teachers is little-god theology, or the belief that we as humans carry within us the potential to become God, or divine like God. This is not only a heresy found among charismatics, however, it is the underlying teaching of Mormonism–that our future as believers are to partake in the divinity of God and become gods ourselves.

The Roman Catholic Church also teaches this, as it states in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) 

The only-begotten Son of God, wanting to make us sharers in his divinity, assumed our nature, so that he, made man, might make men gods CCC, Second Edition, Section 2, Chapter 2, Article 3, Paragraph I, I:460)

So it should come as no surprise, then that since these Passion conferences are stacked with charismatics and Word of Faith preachers, they’d be pushing this unbiblical teaching, as seen below in one of their latest tweets quoting Louie Giglio:

This teaching is patently false. There is no “divinity” in our DNA and there is no “heaven inside of” us. But again, it’s not surprising that these people believe this–other gospel. What’s surprising is that this event has been propped up for so long by people who would be considered by many to be modern heroes of the faith, like John Piper.

Source: ReformationCharlotte, Popular Passion Conference Promoting Little-God Theology, http://reformationcharlotte.org/2019/01/04/popular-passion-conference-promoting-little-god-theology, Published January 02, 2019. (Accessed January 05, 2019.) [Archived]

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