Amanda Wells spiritually lead to plagiarise while prophesying?

False teacher and prophet Amanda Wellls recently announced that she ‘sensed’ a prophetic word “for USA, Australia and Great Britain.” Wells was so ‘moved by the spirit of God’ when viewing an image of Donald Trump at the Queen’s table, that she decided to head over to a Jewish Rabbi’s blog, plagiarise his words and gift-wrap them in a bizarre charismatic ‘prophecy’. We remind our readers of a 2016 segment on ‘Fighting For The Faith’ where Ps. Chris Rosebrough exposes Amanda Wells’ past sins of plagiarism:

“Amanda Wells, if you remember a year ago, about the time in the Fall when the Australian Prophetic Summit got together, the folks over at Church Watch put together a little game called, ‘The Culprit in the Pulpit’. And you had to figure out which of the different Elijah List prophets was the ‘Culprit in the Pulpit’, and the ‘Culprit in the Pulpit was none other than Amanda Wells. And the folks over at Church Watch actually reached out to many of the people on the Australian Prophetic Summit and warned them, that Amanda Wells was demonstrably a plagiarist.”

When reading the post below, there is a segment in her ‘prophecy’ that’s written clearly – and this turns out to be the plagiarized segment, the only part of the prophecy that appears remotely coherent.


Amanda Wells, once again guilty of plagiarism – all while claiming to ‘prophesy in God’s name’. What makes this bizarre prophecy more disturbing is the fact that she removed references to a gnostic Jewish text (the Zohar) in her attempt to claim that what she was receiving was from God. Oddly, Wells allowed the reference of the Talmud to remain in her ‘prophecy’ even though scripture tells us that Jesus soundly condemned the Pharisees who strictly followed the Talmud (known as the Tradition of the Elders).


Transcript of Amanda’s prophecy (plagiarism highlighted):

“I sense a prophetic word for USA, Australia and Great Britain. I have been looking at my family tree and been amazed at how my forefathers were Members of the Royal Garter back in 1300’s and more but just this has taken me on a search and a prophetic word

The picture below is so significant it was taken at the State Dinner of Her Majesty the Queen with Donald Trump President of the USA. Our own PM Scott Morrison was there meeting Her Majesty and President Trump the day after. What significance!!

The table is so important!!

Psalm 23 ‘Thou prepares a table before me.’
We are always taught the table is in the presence of the enemies…… this is incorrectDavid (sic) didn’t write it this way!

Prepares is theHebrew (sic) word Arak, it means to order a STATE table. It means governing order!

(Interesting because the word praise is barak…. B arak…… B is the Hebrew letter BET means a son of the House puts governing order within….. how? With Praise)

So lets look at the Table….. SHULCHAN……it was a KINGS sacred Table…..The table was made of wood and overlaid with gold; all the rest of its parts were made of pure gold. The shulchan was crowned with a golden trim which zigzagged.
The shulchan was what brought blessing of sustenance to the tables of the whole world. According to the Talmud, the crown around the shulchan is symbolic of royal wealth.

BEFORE is the Hebrew word paniym, it means in your face, He is FACE to FACE with the one/s sitting at the TABLE

So get ready we have 3 Christians representative of the highest office in their lands. We will see Blessing as never before. Their is an alliance forming with the Bet Dein the bench (table) of 3 where we will see governmental order restored. Trade will be done on new levels, and as the sovereignty of each Nation is restored this is a New day for the Nations to arise and shine and His glory BE SEEN as never before!

The enemy is attacking sovereignty BUT a bench of 3 is higher than any ungodly government preventing it

This will come where the UK will surely say RULE BRTANNIA once again

I love this picture! Her Majesty The Queen has met many but seems quite relaxed with President Trump. It is so funny watching them walk together, he is so tall and takes a long stride and he has to keep watching out for her as she is so small and not step in front.”

Source: Amanda Wells, Facebook,, Published June 05, 2019. (Accessed June 05, 2019.)

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