Bethel’s BSSM promotes ‘prophetic’ UNO cards?

Discerning believers should never be surprised at the latest antics coming out of Bethel and their Supernatural School of Ministry. Having already been exposed for their connection to, and endorsement of, Christalignment’s ‘Christian tarot cards’, you would think they would have learned their lesson?

Steve Kozar, curator of the ‘Museum of Idolatry’ gives us the latest update from Bethel’s BSSM (also known as Hogwarts). We decided to offer an alternative option to Bethel, seems they liked the idea? #satire

Steve Kozar writes:

‘This is NOT satire – this is a real Facebook post from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’.


This seems to be a combination of the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey, the Christalignment Tarot Cards and the Bethel Board


Source: Steve Kozar, Museum of Idolatry, Published June 25, 2019. (Accessed June 26, 2019.)

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