Michael Brown, the ‘Sgt. Shultz’ of charismania.

Dr. Michael Brown once again attempts to point his audience to the ‘legitimacy’ of Bill Johnson – by pointing to a 2016 episode where he interviews Johnson! He introduces the 2016 program (on June 25, 2019) with the comment:

“Does Bethel Church sanction grave soaking (or, sucking)? And is it true that one of their leaders once likened the Holy Spirit to a sneaky blue genie? I asked those questions directly to Bill Johnson here.”

As usual Dr. Brown invites his listeners to engage with the program, but rather than do the biblical research so readily available from many other ministries and discernment sites, Brown instead complains about not getting questions from callers? Unfortunately any attempt to pose discerning questions on Brown’s “The Line of Fire” program are generally met with the response that he hasn’t the time to answer the question and the caller should “buy his book” on the topic. It’s interesting to note that there are MANY good questions being asked in the comments under the YouTube clips Dr. Brown himself uploads and occasionally interacts with – but apparently his radio audience are led to believe otherwise.

“The Line of Fire” YouTube program:

Source: https://twitter.com/DrMichaelLBrown/status/1144049965892874240


Just a few of the many comments to be found under the link provided by Brown. There are some positive comments however the majority were asking the right questions, even back in 2016.

Some of the 2019 YouTube comments:



We do recommend our readers visit the YouTube comment section and biblically engage with those commenting, especially if you agree with Dr. Brown’s affirmation of Johnson’s ministry. However it’s becoming clear that the view of many is that Dr. Michael Brown has become the master of obfuscation.

Given the enormous fan base Dr. Michael Brown has, we can only pray that Brown repents of his ongoing endorsement of so many false teachers. It would be a ‘miracle’, and would no doubt have an enormous impact on the body of Christ. However at this point of time it seems Dr. Michael Brown refuses to address his critics in depth, preferring instead to attack anyone who provides substantial evidence against the wicked wolves he endorses.

A timely reminder – as His sheep, our natural enemy are wolves who “snatch and scatter”, with Jesus also warning us to beware of false prophets, who “come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves”.

As always we continue to encourage our readers to know the Truth, setting our minds on His Word, meditating on it, becoming trained in detecting the ‘true’ from the ‘counterfeit’.

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