Ps. Chris Rosebrough proves that Phil Pringle does indeed ‘sell miracles for money’.

The last two weeks have presented a dilemma for C3 Church Oxford Falls, C3 Church Global, and Phil Pringle – the leader of this movement. Over two nights (Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2019), the secular TV program  ‘A Current Affair’ and their exposé, opened a conversation not only about the lifestyle of its lead pastor, Phil Pringle, they addressed the lack of pastoral care for victims of abuse and the scandal of ‘miracles for money’. With C3 Oxford Falls following up with a media response within hours of the airing of the second program, it was noted that they really didn’t address the underlying issues.  As a result, many people, both Christian and secular, had expressed very serious concerns about the ‘unanswered questions’.

With respect to those attending C3 churches, it’s important to hear how those in leadership, particularly Phil Pringle, addressed this ‘airing of dirty laundry’ to their congregations at the Sunday services held the following week, Oct 6, 2019. Like so many others, contributors here at CWC did their due diligence as a discernment ministry, and logged into the C3 livestream, at both 10.00 am and 6 pm. Sadly, it came as no surprise when there were media blackouts at both services – but it wasn’t too long before a few of those attending C3 Church offered some information as to what was said by Phil Pringle during that time.

In what turned out to be his ‘not so public address’ at both morning and evening services at C3 Oxford Falls, the congregations were not aware of the media blackout, they were not informed that a blackout was about to happen, when his message was also ‘livestreamed’ into various C3 satellite churches. Some of those who were watching the ‘livestream’ at their satellite churches were shocked to later hear of the media blackout, because they naturally assumed it was going to air publicly.

Briefly these are some of the points Phil Pringle made in response to the ‘A Current Affair’ program:

He apologised for any distress it has caused his followers.

He assured everyone that he does not ‘line his pockets’ with church money.

He has made money from the sale of his own homes, allowing him progress up the property ladder to buy better homes.

He does not own a yacht, but does take ‘timeout’ with other couples sharing the expense of hiring a yacht.

He alluded to Jesus throwing out a net and catching a lot of fish, and the feeding of the 5000 with much left over, as examples for providing generously for his own family.

He has never ‘sold miracles for money’ – because he believes all good gifts from God are free.

He does earn a wage commensurate to that of a Private School Headmaster.

He is also ‘bi-vocational’, earning extra income from the sale of his books, the sale of his works as an artist, and as a ‘public speaker’.

He admitted making ‘mistakes’, although didn’t address what those ‘mistakes’ are.

Each one of Phil Pringle’s points will addressed biblically in upcoming articles, but for now we will take a closer look at just one particular claim he did make –  that he has never ‘sold miracles for money’.

In the following YouTube review, Ps. Chris Rosebrough provides clear evidence that’s exactly what he has done, and has still continued to do ever since. The audio proof presented comes from Phil Pringle himself – as he invites two couples to come to the stage, encouraging them to share the ‘blessings’ they received through giving enormous amounts of money into the ‘miracle offering’.

Audio evidence of Phil Pringle ‘selling miracles’:

Opening transcript points:

Ps. Chris Rosebrough: “Have you seen the recent exposé done by ‘A Current Affair’ down in Australia about C3 Church and Phil Pringle. We are going to be spending a little bit of time talking about C3 Church and giving some of the bigger evidence that they weren’t able to do because of the format of their exposé. I mean they didn’t do the long-form discernment type of stuff that we do here at ‘Fighting For The Faith’ and and so they had to hit a lot of topics and they had to hit them quickly.”

“And if you’ll know, if you watch the exposés, you’ll note that I was interviewed for this particular expose and you will note in fact they contacted me just before I left for Europe for the ‘Pirate Christian Radio Conference’ in Swansea – and they sent a film crew out to our conference and that’s where the actual interview took place. But let’s just kind of hang it out there, that C3 Church and Phil Pringle, these are very dangerous people. This is not a church, this is like a mafia-like organisation that exploits people for money. That’s what they’re all about, and Phil Pringle flat-out sells miracles and one of things I’ve noted is that they’ve given a media response to the ‘A Current Affair’ stories and there’s something missing, it’s, hmmm, let’s in fact, let’s take a look at it and what we’ll do in this instalment of ‘Fighting For The Faith’, we are going to take a listen to absolute proof that Phil Pringle sells miracles, yes –  sells them! And has done so in the past and continues to do so. We will go back in time a little bit for some salient evidence along those lines, and we will even note what he said, you know, the apostolic declaration prophecy that he gave regarding Kong Hee when the charges were just being brought against him before it went to trial and all that kind of stuff.”

C3 Media Response – Ps. Rosebrough: “I find this to be supremely lacking in a lot of different ways”

Image – courtesy of ‘Fighting For The Faith’.

Ps Rosebrough: “The one thing they didn’t talk about in their media report was the fact that Phil Pringle sells miracles! Just flat-out sells them yes! He has these miracle offerings at the Presence Conference every year and so he straight-out sells miracles!”

Ps. Rosebrough: “Let’s go ahead and and we will do a little listening to Presence Conferences past as we listen to a C3 vision-casting apostolic leader Phil Pringle as he is selling miracles and we are going to do this long-form so that nobody can accuse me of taking him out of context. But listen to some of this stuff.”

Phil  Pringle: “And that one of the reasons I would do is this because things happen! It’s not like, I mean, how negligent would you be as a shepherd of God’s people if they had troubles and you had the answer and you didn’t have the spine to bring the answer because you’re fearful of a little criticism here and all that kind of thing.”

Ps. Rosebrough: “So the setup here, this is from the 2010 Presence Conference, he also says what kind of a pastor would I be, what kind of a shepherd would I be – if I knew the solution to people’s problems and difficulties and stuff and I didn’t tell them. Instead I was afraid of some criticism, what would be the answer that they’re apparently looking for?”

Phil Pringle: “God needs some people who will stand up for the price that it will cost to bring miracles into other people’s lives.”

Ps.Rosebrough: “What is the cost of a miracle?”

Phil Pringle: “This is a way that God has said many times in scripture that this will take place!”

Ps. Rosebrough: “No, there’s not a single biblical text that says that in order to receive miracle from God, that there’s got to be a price involved and you’ve got to pony up money. No text says that.”

Phil Pringle: “And so we invite people to actually get involved in bringing an offering to the Lord that blows their mind about how they’ve ever given in times before. And when we do that, it starts to blow open the heavens over their world and things that have been stuck can be released.”

Ps. Rosebrough: “So things that are stuck can get released after people send, and give money, to Phil Pringle and C3 during their miracle offering. I would note again that the gifts of God are not for sale.”

Ps. Rosebrough: “Now one of the things that Phill Pringle does during the Presence Conference, he trots people on stage to give testimony of, “Yes I emptied my bank account and after emptying my bank account I had miracles happen in my life!” Yes, that’s what he does every single year during Presence Conference.”

Phil Pringle: “It makes me think that God is wanting to establish the fact in the earth that He still works miracles, that He’s still in the western world.”

Ps. Rosebrough: “Sounds to me like God is supposedly establishing the fact that miracles cost money, which is not taught in the Bible at all. Where do you see Jesus saying, “Yes, listen I know you’re paralytic and I know you were born blind but until you can demonstrate your faith, there’s nothing I can do here – yes, we will have a miracle offering before I can heal you.”

Phil Pringle: “And I believe with all my heart God wants to spread this conference, and spread our kind of churches throughout the entire world.”

Ps. Rosebrough: “God wants them to spread their kind of churches, you know the kind that fleeces people and charges people money for miracles right, I don’t think so.”

Phil Pringle: “And I know that you and I can make that happen here today as we bring him a miracle offering, to the Lord, the great, the great things about these that I always find, is that God is touching people who give to His purpose.

As you continue to listen to this review, you will hear two couples give testimony of their belief that God blessed them with a spouse, with a baby, with ‘multi-million dollar’ contracts achieved because of the ‘miracle offerings’ they made at Presence Conferences. One couple even making the claim that God wanted them to empty their bank accounts to receive a blessing.

All this stated as Phil Pringle stands to one side, laughing and encouraging this blatant false witness to God’s character.

Like a modern day version of Johann Tetzel, “as soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs” Phil Pringle is ‘selling miracles’, whether through making a financial commitment to C3 Church, by claiming ‘that obedience to God triggers amazing supernatural things’ – in other words, a ‘quid pro quo’.

And instead of promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, Pringle instead promotes Presence Conferences.

Phil Pringle: “We are promoting and supporting and blessing the expansion of a conference that will meet the needs in peoples’ worlds miraculously’. That ‘God wants to bring impartation especially in peoples’ financial world’ and as people give ‘they will step into the zone of miracles’.”

And as Ps. Rosebrough notes, these testimonies simply ‘whip people up into a frenzy’ so that they will believe that they too will receive a miracle if they put thousands of dollars into the ‘miracle offering’. And, as the other couple claimed, ‘you are still to give even it’s not working’.

Ps. Rosebrough: “We don’t give to God in order to get – His gifts are given as gifts, they are not purchased!”

Phil Pringle: “….so many people have discovered that there is something special about this moment in their life and as I’m standing out here, I’m telling you, I get these breezes blowing past me and you’ve got to understand there are anointings for particular things. And there is an anointing for healing, there’s an anointing for deliverance, there’s an anointing for growth in church life, but there’s also an anointing for prospering your world. And everyone of those anointings are accessed by obedience, by a stepping out, by giving something. I’ve never known anything to happen without me taking some steps of faith and a step of faith isn’t just a step, it’s a step we get nervous about. That we get scared about – and I know that Chris and I, in this offering, are giving double what we intended to do at the start. And I’m not sure – we haven’t even chatted about this yet, but she might be planning on giving double as well and send us broke, amen!”

Ps. Rosebrough: “They are victims of fraud, they are victims of manipulation, they are victims of Phil Pringle’s greed, a man who’s demonstrably a false teacher, false prophet – he is not an apostle, he is somebody who’s selling the gifts of God. There are a whole list of victims that need to be remunerated for the fraud perpetrated against them.”

This is manipulation of the highest order. And clearly proves that Phil Pringle was lying when he recently said that he has never sold miracles for money.

“The leech has two daughters: Give and Give. Three things are never satisfied; four never say, “Enough”: Sheol, the barren womb, the land never satisfied with water, and the fire that never says, “Enough.” Proverbs 30:15-16

Source: PS. Chris Rosebrough, ‘Fighting For The Faith’ YouTube, Premiered October 2, 2019. (Accessed October 2, 2109.)

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