Professor Doug Geivett discusses the New Apostolic Reformation at South African Theological Seminary (SATS).

“The apostolic-prophetic movement (also known as the New Apostolic Reformation) is a fast-growing movement that has arisen within Protestant Christianity that promotes modern-day apostles and prophets with great authority, supernatural powers, and the ability to give new doctrinal revelation. Advocates of this movement believe that all people, nations, and demonic principalities must submit to these apostles and prophets, who will lead God’s end-times army in establishing His kingdom on earth. This once-fringe movement has entered many Pentecostal and charismatic churches (which are the fastest-growing churches in nearly every region of the world, according to church growth experts, like David B. Barrett).” (Source)

Holly Pivec from ‘Spirit of Error’ posted a great interview about the NAR done by her colleague and co-author Professor Doug Geivett at South African Theological Seminary.

Holly writes:

“The New Apostolic Reformation is exploding. This dangerous movement is experiencing staggering growth, especially in the Global South (that is, Africa, Asia, and Latin America). To equip South Africans to respond to the influx of NAR teaching in their churches, South African Theological Seminary interviewed my co-author, Biola University professor Doug Geivett, during his recent trip to that country.

Watch the interview to learn about the harmful impact the NAR is having in South Africa. While the interview was conducted in South Africa, the points he discussed are relevant wherever NAR has a platform. Topics addressed include the dangers of emotionalism, unsound teachings about miraculous gifts, the wrongheaded Seven Mountain Mandate, unbiblical methods for seeking divine guidance, and the global influence of Bethel Church in Redding, California (and Bethel Music).”

Source: Holly Pivec, ‘Spirit of Error’ blog, Published February 16, 2020. (Accessed February 17, 2020.)

Link to further NAR resources on ‘Spirit of Error’.

Further CWC resources on the New Apostolic Reformation.

SatSeminary YouTube link:

R. Douglas Geivett on the New Apostolic Reformation

“SATS interviewed Prof. Douglas Geivett, co-author (with Holly Pivec) of “A New Apostolic Reformation? A Biblical Response to a Global Movement.”

The South African Theological Seminary (SATS) is a distance education institution based in Bryanston, South Africa. SATS is a non-profit, non-government organisation offering accredited qualifications in theology from Higher Certificate to PhD level.

Source: SatSeminary, SatSeminary YouTube Channel, Premiered February 12, 2020. (Accessed February 17, 2020.)

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