Touch Not Brown’s Anointed: Timeline of Dr. Michael Brown’s ongoing defence of the New Apostolic Reformation and the occult Christalignment.

What is the difference between Benny Hinn threatening to blast his critics with a ‘holy ghost machine gun’, false ‘Apostles’ labelling critics of Todd Bentley’s Lakeland as heresy-hunters and Dr. Michael Brown labelling discerning pastors, academics and Christian apologists as ‘hyper-critics’?

The answer is simple. There is no difference – none at all.

As far as Dr. Michael Brown in concerned, you simply cannot question the theology, practice or ministries of present day false ‘Apostles’, with his own ministry being a great example of this at the false Pensacola Outpouring back in 1995. Fast forward 25 years and Dr. Brown is essentially pushing the ‘Touch Not God’s Anointed’ heresy against true Christian voices – in order to silence their biblically valid criticisms of the false ministries he constantly defends to this day.  By God’s grace however, discerning Christian leaders have finally had enough of Michael Brown’s toxic and abusive ministry and are being more far more vocal in exposing his dishonest ‘weights and measures’.


What is clearly noticeable about Michael Brown is that he likes to represent himself online and on his radio program as a learned biblical scholar (particularly in all things ‘charismatic’) – when in reality he is simply being a ‘sophomaniac’, a person who acts under the delusion of having superior knowledge. All anyone has to do is type in #AskDrBrown into a search engine and Brown’s #AskDrBrown hashtag or URL pops up everywhere. Sadly his ministry is fooling many because the truth is – he is anything but qualified to speak on biblical discernment. He has repeatedly and publicly stated, with cases such as Benny Hinn, the NAR, Bethel (and now Christalignment), that he does not read or research these controversies. He simply hasn’t the time to research. Too busy writing books where apparently all the answers are? But the answers are not in his books either.

If you do call in – be warned. You are only getting an biased opinion from someone who deliberately lies to protect his name, personal empire and his charismatic network of friends, all of them frauds, flakes and fakes. It’s this type of ‘double-speak’ and laziness that makes a mockery of his title, ‘Doctor’, stripping him of any credibility whatsoever. And not just his credibility, it also does damage to the world of proper biblical academia and scholarship.

A very good example of Michael Brown ‘virtue-signalling’ his so-called superior ‘discernment’, was on his recent program titled ‘Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions’, where he clearly gave a pass to the satanic practices of Christalignment.

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Source: Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions, YouTube,, Premiered February 07, 2020. (Accessed February 07, 2020.) [33:47]

The ‘Salt and Light’ YouTube Channel published a video titled ‘Dr Michael Brown endorses witchcraft to promote the “gospel”‘, exposing just how appalling Dr Michael Brown is in both his research, discernment and honesty when engaging such topics. Topics he deliberately refuses to research. Although the YouTube video was later taken down, CWC acquired a copy of the video:

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Source: ‘Salt And Light’, Salt And Light Youtube Channel, Premiered February 08, 2020. (Accessed February 8, 2020.)

One commentor, Doreen Virtue, former New Age leader who has come to saving faith in Jesus Christ, addressed the witchcraft that Michael Brown was defending in the comment section of the above YouTube video:

“Thank you for posting this video, including Pastor Chris Rosebrough’s clip. Before Jesus saved me and opened my eyes to new age deception, I published cards that are similar to the ChristAlignment cards shown in this video. I have renounced my old work and have asked people to please dispose of the cards, and to stop selling or buying them. After watching many videos about the ChristAlignment cards, I can absolutely attest that their cards are pagan idolatry that promote a doctrine of demons. The Bible forbids divination (Deuteronomy 18:10-12; Acts 19:19). The cards I made similarly had images of angels, pictures of Jesus, and even Bible verses. At the time, just like Jen Hodges, I argued that the cards were leading people into a relationship with God. I was spiritually blind back then and didn’t realize that the cards were dangerous tools of the devil leading us to hell.

It’s only by God’s grace and mercy that I’m saved, and I’m here to warn people away from cards and other satanic practices. I’m very upset to see Dr. Brown downplaying the demonic nature of divination tools like ChristAlignment cards. What they are doing is identical to what I did in the new age, because the devil repeatedly promotes the same deception.

I am praying for Dr. Brown and everyone else who believes that cards are safe. We can’t blend new age with Christianity, as they are polar opposites. New age glorifies the self, and Christianity glorifies God. Using cards is disobedient to God, and when we are saved we strive to obey God – not for salvation, as we’re saved by grace and not by works – but because as Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15). God commands us not to practice idolatry such as using cards.”

Source: Doreen Virtue, Dr Michael Brown endorses witchcraft to promote the “gospel”, YouTube,, Published Feb 09, 2020. (Accessed Feb 09, 2020.)

Despite those who used to work for Christalignment speaking out against them, Michael Brown dismissed their first-hand experiences with his clearly unresearched views. In fact, Brown’s response to the situation was so bad that even Chris Rosebrough from Pirate Christian Media spoke out strongly against him, biblically calling out the false weights and measures Michael Brown was using to give these occultists and their pagan practices the ‘Christian’ tick of approval.

With the ‘Salt and Light’ and the Fighting For The Faith videos receiving so much attention, Michael Brown began to alert his listeners of what was to come in a future program. Ironically in a podcast titled ‘Love Your Enemies’ (a primer to make himself look ‘Christ-like’ in order to malign faithful shepherds?) Brown let loose, defaming and slandering God-fearing Christians as “hyper-critics” who are “bearing false witness”:

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Source: Love Your Enemies, YouTube,, Premiered February 10, 2020. (Accessed February 10, 2020.) [34:13]

Dr. Brown has since released another series of articles and videos to try and rescue his serious misjudgment of the Christalignment controversy, ensuring he is the one who is in the right while all the critics are wrong. In reality he is representing himself more as a ‘Deflective Detective’, deliberately deflecting his responsibilities to properly research and investigate claims and issues in line with actual scripture while still presenting himself as the man who apparently has all the answers!

Here is his latest show attacking the truly faithful shepherds and Christian voices while STILL defending Bethel’s occultic tarot-card practices:

Source: Confronting the Hyper-Critics, YouTube,, Premiered February 12 2020. (Accessed February 13, 2020.)

Now to make the ongoing story even more fascinating, on the following ‘Line Of Fire’ program Dr. Brown tries to convince his listeners that he is not ‘cut from the same cloth’ as the New Apostolic Reformation. Clearly this obvious NAR Apologist is feeling the heat and is now dishonestly engaging with his audience to ensure he is not even associated or connected with the very real New Apostolic Reformation cult:

Source: Am I Part of “NAR”?, YouTube,, Premiered February 19 2020. (Accessed February 19, 2020.)

Unfortunately for Dr. Brown to not be part of the NAR, he has to reject his own core NAR beliefs to be regarded as a believer in Christ, those beliefs being:

  1. His belief in the New Apostolic Paradigm (this is what separates him from a Charismatic and Pentecostal believer).
  2. His false gospel of healing/power.
  3. His false Holy Spirit that emphasizes a satanic spiritual baptism,
  4. His kenotic Christ.

If Dr. Brown did renounce these false beliefs, he would have to separate from some of the worst heretics, blasphemers, perverts and predators in the church today. Then the body of Christ might start considering Brown as a valid apologetic voice. But given his already prideful manner, he will simply double-down, preferring to stand with the damned and speak their ‘native language’ – still demanding that discerning believers do not to touch God’s ‘Anointed Apostles and Prophets’.

It’s also interesting to note that Holly Pivec, an expert on the dangers of the NAR, recently stated the following.

Signs of New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) influence cannot always be found on a church website. Some things to watch out for:

  1. Does the church use or recommend The Passion Translation (a new NAR translation of the Bible)?
  2. Does the church use teaching materials from Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Lou Engle, Heidi Baker, Mike Bickle, or any other NAR leaders?
  3. Does the church partner (through missions trips, conferences, etc.) with Bethel Church in Redding, California, or other influential NAR churches?
  4. Does the church refer to church leaders as “apostles” or “prophets”?
  5. Does the church promote distinctive NAR practices, such as soaking, Sozo, supernatural schools of ministry, the “activation” of miraculous gifts, 24/7 prayer rooms (which are often connected with Mike Bickle’s prayer room at IHOP-KC), or spiritual mapping? (Source)

In an update, Michael Brown has invited Christalignment on to his program ‘Line Of Fire’, giving Jen Hodge a platform to furtherlie about her Bethel-endorsed ministry. This begs the exciting question:

Will Michael Brown allow Christalignment to demonstrate a ‘guided encounter’ with their evangelism tools on his program?

Let’s hope so. And let’s pray that he finally repents of his errors, and acknowledge that his endorsements of false teachers and their ministries has led many astray.

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Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?” Galatians 4:16

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