The evidence Dr. Michael Brown, Jen Hodge and Bethel did not want you to see in today’s ‘Line of Fire’.

As we all now know, Dr Michael Brown has just invited Jen Hodge onto his show to promote occultism under the guise of ‘evangelism’. He has previously given the impression this is nothing more than a ‘fringe group’ engaging in stuff he is familiar with. Then again, #AskDrBrown only wants to #PromoteHisFriends because he has repeatedly told his audience he doesn’t look into these types of ‘fringe’ groups – like Bethel’s ‘Christalignment’.

However, here are two interesting facts that neither Dr. Michael Brown, Bethel or Christalignment want you to know:

1. The Destiny Tarot Card Reading started at Bethel Church: “I am on pastoral staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California, where I oversee the Creative Arts department for the Church and School of Supernatural Ministry. I instruct on worship expressions and arts events within the church, as well as strategy and coordination for city transformation and outreach.I also speak at national and international conferences, equipping and activating people in prophetic and healing ministry as I show them how to step into their supernatural and creative destinies.I have been in pastoral ministry for over 25 years. I earned my B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Biblical studies from Vanguard University, and also have received a certification in Arts and Healing from Chapman University.”

Source: Theresa Dedmon,, Accessed Dec 22 2017.

Theresa Dedmon

In her book, ‘Born to Create: Stepping Into Your Supernatural Destiny’, Dedmon writes how under her leadership, she encouraged Bethel students to engage with newcomers “through destiny cards.”

“During the school year, I have the School of Ministry students sit at Bethel’s welcome table and prophesy to newcomers through destiny cards, singing, and playing instruments over people. People, some for the first time, hear a love song from their Father in Heaven or receive a picture about God’s thoughts for them, which can radically transform their lives. There are so many creative avenues to bless those who are looking to belong at our welcome centers.”

Source: Theresa Dedmon, Born to Create: Stepping Into Your Supernatural Destiny, (Shippensburg: Pennsylvania, Destiny Image, 2012).

2. The woman who leads Bethel-endorsed ‘Christalignment’ does not have the Holy Spirit behind her ministry to give ‘Words of Knowledge’ in order to lead people to Jesus. We offer the following video Jen Hodge decided to remove (or hide) from her FaceBook wall before she went on air with Dr. Michael Brown on his Line of Fire Program:


Jenny Hodge “I’m with lovely Jen here at the night market. I’ve just had an amazing reading with a young man who requested me – and often when they do that, it’s really relevant. The reading is often more powerful. His (muffled) card is this one. We see a tiny, tiny surfer there in a huge, huge wave. His question was, the first question was:

Am I meant to be with my partner?

It turns out that his partner was male. But I didn’t know that in the reading. And his second question was really profound, it was:

What’s the meaning of life, why am I here on earth, why am I alive?

That was a huge profound question. His (muffled) card, he straightaway saw, that’s him, he loves to go paddle boarding, so that was really really relevant. He also can survive, like deep seas, I said to him, you’ve survived a lot of really deep things already in your life but you’re a survivor you’re able to handle really big waves. But you’re also able to carry other people out of big waves. And I said, not knowing his job at that point, is the call taker for 000 Emergency Calls. So that’s his actual job. That’s his (muffled) card.

This (second card) straight away we knew was his pass card. I said to him, what does he see in this? He said he says he’s been wearing a mask all his life. And he said he felt the guy in that picture is about to take the mask off.

Now given that he is with a guy that may or may not be good, but the point is, he’s about to get free and that’s the key thing. This one, the future card, he said he saw that as a really positive card and I said I see that as a romance, a brand-new relationship. And I still did, at that point, not know that his relationship was with a guy. So, um, the gift encounter, he actually saw Jesus and he described what he was wearing, in shorts and thongs and a singlet, and Jesus came out to him on the paddleboard and actually put a blue cyan-coloured gift box onto his paddleboard and without kind of getting wet, which is amazing!

He opened the cyan-coloured gift box and in it was a red heart. And we hadn’t turned over this card at that point, so this is the colour red, not the other normal red he saw, it was this colour – and on the bottom of it says ” forgiveness and love from Christ’s spirit”. And when we turned it over that was the picture of the heart, and he said, this one, when we turn this one over, that’s what the spirit of truth, the gift giver, looked like – in his shorts and in his singlet.

So his hands were shaking, his hands were sweating and I was able to really lead him all the way, he was open to ask the spirit of truth, “who are you?” He wanted that, we talked about death, we talked about eternity. He told me, I still didn’t know his job then, he was a 000 call-taker. And we talked about death and he agreed with me that all the rest of these people just walking around aimlessly but one day they gonna die. They’ll never know what day, that day you’re going.

And he had such a spiritual experience, so profound, his hands were shaking. The ‘holy spirit’ came down on him big time, in a huge way. He wanted of course to take a photo of the great (thing?) he did, he’s gonna come back in and see us. He said he’s going to go home and go like this (palms up) and say “who are you, who are you, show me who you are”.”

It’s obviously annoying Dr. Brown when ‘hyper-critics’ do their biblical research instead of trusting frauds, fakes and flakes at face value.

When will Dr. Michael Brown learn to do his own due diligence in Christian discernment and apologetics?

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1

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Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?” Galatians 4:16

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