Watch Dr. Michael Brown as he reacts to Che Ahn publicly recognizing him as an ‘Apostle’.

We all remember Michael Brown denying the existence of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) – and his role as one their leadersAll we’ve had to do is wait a few years for some other leading NAR Apostle to blow this deception apart.

To begin, we remind our readers of the former leadership of the New Apostolic Reformation:

C. Peter Wagner was internationally recognised as being the (self-appointed) leader of what is known today as the New Apostolic Reformation. C. Peter Wagner had no problem declaring Che Ahn, Bill Johnson and John Arnott of Toronto as pillars of his New Apostolic Church, putting them on an even higher level than “… James, Cephas, and John, who seemed to be pillars, perceived the grace that had been given to me, they gave me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship, that we should go to the Gentiles and they to the circumcised.”

It’s also reported, by his close company of ‘apostles’, that Wagner also had three ‘spiritual children’ who oversaw his movement leading up to his death – Che Ahn of Harvest International Ministries, Chuck Pierce of Global Spheres International and Glory of Zion, and Cindy Jacob of the ‘Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders’ and Generals International.

According to his ‘key’ spiritual son, Che Ahn: “There were three that really were his key children: Cindy Jacobs, Chuck and myself.” Chuck Pierce overtly suggested that Wagner passed both his legacy and mantle to him.

Chuck Pierce then passed this ‘legacy’ and ‘first mantle’ (that Wagner appeared to have placed on Pierce), on to Che Ahn:

“I believe there’s a legacy left with Dr Wagner here in Korea. That God is calling Korea and those who continue on in God’s Kingdom plan to multiply greatly this year. I’m going to take this first mantle and I’m going to put it on Che. Che was his Korean son and loved him dearly. He was a wonderful student. He has carried on Peter’s legacy in teaching over the past six years. So this will be the seventh actually that Che has carried on WLI. When Peter turned the ministry over to me several years ago I said, “I am not called to WLI. I’m called to assist [points to Che Ahn] who should do WLI. Let’s thank God for Che Ahn and WLI.” (Emphasis added) [Source]

There is no doubt in the minds of Wagner’s spiritual ‘offspring’, Che Ahn IS the current new leader of the New Apostolic Reformation.

With the NAR set up with Che Ahn as its chief leader, who in their right mind would associate themselves with this cult and its anti-Christian leadership?

Clearly Dr. Michael Brown has no problem.

On August 4, 2020 Dr. Brown appeared on the following program on God TV with his good friend and leading Apostle, Che Ahn. During this broadcast Che Ahn “believes that Dr. Brown is called as an ‘Apostle’ in the body of Christ – an apostolic evangelist”. Watch Dr. Brown’s reaction:

Was Michael Brown’s reaction one of shock and denial – against Che Ahn’s apparent recognition of Brown’s apostleship?

Watch again. The moral of the story?

  • When anyone outside the NAR publicly declares Michael Brown’s apostleship within the NAR – Brown will strongly condemn that person.
  • If Michael Brown’s apostolic friends in the NAR recognise and publicly acknowledges his apostleship – he says nothing and accepts the title willingly.

Examining Che Ahn and Michael Brown’s Discourse

Che Ahn not only called Michael Brown an apostle – he specifically called him an ‘Apostolic Evangelist’.

Most Christians would be confused as to what this means. We remind our readers that NAR Apostles believe in ‘hyphenated apostles’, a coin termed by the late C. Peter Wagner to categorise apostles:

“Before considering the different ways that apostles minister in different spheres, it is important to recognize that many apostles are “hyphenated apostles.” They are frequently hyphenated with other government offices, such as Apostle-Prophet or Pastor-Apostle or Apostle-Evangelist, etc. They can also be hyphenated within the different ministry categories pertaining to apostles, such as horizontal apostle-vertical apostle or convening apostle-mobilizing apostle, etc.” (Emphasis added.) [Source] [Archived]

Dr. Michael Brown had no problem with this unbiblical term. Instead he embraced this specific NAR apostolic title.

Che Ahn even identifies Dr. Brown as having the characteristics of the typical NAR apostle:

  • Brown has a ‘cluster anointing’ (NARpostles are recognised because they ‘rally’ the body of Christ together)
  • Brown has ‘birthed’ ministries and schools (This is why NARpostles are all called ‘spirital father’ ‘papa’ or ‘pa’)
  • Brown has done ‘international work around the world’ (This is why Che Ahn, Brian Houston, Bill Johnson, Yonggi Cho and countless others are regarded as NARpostles and why they are constantly focusing on spiritual end-times globalist agendas – their globalist themes often reflected in their theology and ministry names/titles.)
  • Brown is a ‘prolific author’ (NARpostles reinforce their apostolic authority and credibility in their writings as we see with Wagner, Che Ahn, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Johnson, etc. They are expected to right to raise up spiritual sons of the next generation.)
  • Brown carries authority (Wagner identifies that those that carry a unique authority are indeed NAspostles of the NAR movement.)

Being DEFINED as an apostle, Che Ahn then requests for Dr Brown to pray apostolically – by making “decrees and declarations for revival for those who are watching”. Again – in NAR theology their God uses their ‘apostles’ to bring revival. Which is why the Brownsville revival, which Brown was deeply involved in, have NARpostles people acknowledge Steve Hill and John Kilpatrick as NARpostles.

Che Ahn was making it clear to his audiences that Dr Brown was, and is, an apostle. Che Ahn wanted his dedicated followers to see Dr. Brown actually act in his ‘apostolic’ capacity.

Why didn’t Brown actually stop this and correct Che Ahn? It wouldn’t be hard to imagine another conservative Christian leader, for example John Macarthur, instead declaring this:

“I’m sorry, I need to make myself quite clear: I am not an Apostle. There is no such thing as an Apostolic Evangelist. I am happy to pray as and for an  evangelist. But I’m not an Apostle. Those definitions, Che Ahn – they’re not biblical definitions. It’s nice you see me as an authority – but that does not mean I have apostolic authority. So I cannot ‘decree’ and ‘declare’ as an apostle in prayer.”

What does Dr. Michael Brown do instead?

In front of the Chief Apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation, Dr Brown not only gives APPROVAL to this title and its NAR characteristics, he truly expressed his ‘NARpostolic’ role publicly in his prayer as requested by Che Ahn, decreeing and declaring to Che Ahn’s global NAR audience.


Dr Brown – when will you stop your deception? How are you not any different to Elymas the sorcerer, deliberately seeking to turn the “proconsul away from the faith” with your deceptive acknowledgment of this ‘apostolic title’?

“You son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, full of all deceit and villainy, will you not stop making crooked the straight paths of the Lord?” Acts 13:10

Source: God TV, Premiered August 4, 2020. (Accessed August 5, 2020.)

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“Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?” Galatians 4:16

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