Has Amy Spreeman now been vindicated by Dr. Michael Brown’s recent actions on Che Ahn’s show?

Following up on our previous article, the Salt And Light Youtube Channel also addressed the topic of Che Ahn bestowing the title of ‘Apostle’ on Dr. Michael Brown, with Brown acknowledging both title and definition by praying ‘apostolically’ over Che Ahn’s audience – through ‘decreeing and declaring’. And it’s also worth noting how Dr. Brown fulfills the very definition of an NAR Apostle espoused by Che Ahn himself when praying for ‘revival’:

“When I use the term modern-day apostle, I am not comparing today’s apostles with the apostles of yesteryear. I am highlighting the fact that apostles are not relegated to yesteryear. They not only exist today, they play a critical role in bringing about revival and reformation.”

Source: Che Ahn, Modern-Day Apostles: Operating in Your Apostolic Office and Anointing, Published 2019. [Google books link]

Although humorous in delivery, around one minute into the video ‘Salt and Light’ departs slightly to assess Brown’s rather malicious criticism against Amy Spreeman’s insightful article, Six Hallmarks of a NAR Church. The video highlights Dr. Brown reading out segments of the article in an attempt to both belittle, and dismiss, Amy Spreeman’s solid research. He concludes, ‘Frankly, I don’t know anybody who believes that’.

But that’s not true. The relationship between Che Ahn and Dr. Brown goes back decades. Che Ahn is known across the world as the Apostolic leader of the New Apostolic Reformation –  advertising himself as a “dominionist’ leader of the NAR on his personal ministry website.

Che Ahn even claims to be a ‘Big A’ Apostle, putting himself on par with the original New Testament Apostles:

“As the Founder and Apostle over our apostolic network for the last 22 years, Harvest International Ministry, and the Senior Pastor of Harvest Rock Church, an apostolic center, I have been given the unique opportunity to be an apostle to apostles. This is because of the specific anointing of God on my life.”

Source: Che Ahn, Modern-Day Apostle, Harvest Rock Church, https://harvestrock.church/modern-day-apostle/, Accessed October 19, 2020. [Archived]

Che Ahn is clearly committed to the teachings of C. Peter Wagner and he doesn’t shy away from talking about the New Apostolic Reformation – as he attempts to convert people or churches to join the movement.

‘Salt and Light’ has effectively vindicated Amy Spreeman from the distorted claims of Michael Brown – by comparing his reading of Amy Spreeman’s work to the actual teachings of Che Ahn, effectively exposing Michael Brown, his friends and their dangerous dominionist extremism.

The question now is this – will Dr. Michael Brown now apologise for his disdainful misrepresentation of Amy Spreeman and her faithful, factual reporting?

Source: Salt and Light Youtube Channel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkltaV1lHIo&feature=emb_logo Premiered October 18, 2020. (Accessed October 19, 2020.)

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“Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?” Galatians 4:16

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