Bethel bets God’s angels “text each other” and “have farting contests”?

A few years back – Michael Brown invited NAR Apostle Bill Johnson of Bethel ‘church’ onto his program to address audiences issues regarding Bethel. Brown highglighted his viewers concerns of a sermon by Jenn Johnson where she revealed she likes to perceive the Holy Spirit as a sneaky blue demon – a djinn of the Disney movie, Aladdin.

On air, Johnson cleared the issue up – Bethel apparently addressing this issue with Jenn Johnson. This is ironic considering this is the ‘church’ that blames the Holy Spirit for what comes out of their ‘Holy Spirit possessed vessels’ in thought, word and deed. These ‘Holy Ghost bartenders’ teach that their divine comedy pieces are designed to manifest in their believers ‘Holy Ghost laughter’ (see an example here of Michael Brown doing this at Brownsville Revival).

Now we know for sure that Apostle Bill Johnson cares more about his name than he does God’s name. Recently it was revealed that in the same sermon where Jenn Johnson refers the Holy Spirit to a sneaky blue genie, she put in the minds of her audiences that God’s throne room angels “text each other” and have farting contests.

“That’s black,” she states, knowing full well what she is saying is inappropriate. However, what is more inappropriate are those who confess to know Christ but are quick to defend the blasphemous leadership of Bethel. If Christians did not prop up immature and unqualified leaders like Bill and Jenn Johnson, their ministries would only ever be found on the weird side of youtube where all things crazy should belong.

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