Why doesn’t James White rebuke Michael Brown (aka Zero Spirit Man) defending the ‘Sneaky Squid Spirit’?

In 2013, James White said the following:

“It just strikes me that charismatics should be the people with the most balanced & best understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity. If they are so full of the Spirit then they should know all about the Spirit’s relationship with the Father & the Son. They should know the bible inside & out on the subject. They should have discernment like you would not believe, and have such a balance in their view of the Spirit.

Just the exact opposite is what you see in charismatic churches. You do not see the New Testament balance. You do not see the Spirit testifying of the things of Jesus & not of Himself. You get this imbalance & you don’t get an understanding. You end up with a lot of modalism, you end up with a lot of heresies and certainly it is perfectly correct, as was said more than once at the Strange Fire Conference, that the charismatic movement has been the doorway through which so much heresy & falsehood entered into the church in our day.

Because there is ZERO discernment, & I’m telling you, if you’ve got ZERO discernment, that means you’ve got ZERO Spirit. So it’s something else that you’re talking about – it’s not the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God brings discernment and the charismatic movement doesn’t bring discernment – you get this imbalance & you don’t get an understanding…”

Source: James White, Dividing Line, Published 29/20/2013. (Accessed 02/11/2016.)

That’s an incredible statement coming from Dr James White, to say that “if you’ve got ZERO discernment, that means you’ve got ZERO Spirit.”

How this is not a rebuke against Dr Michael Brown?

Dr Michael Brown is on record for stating the following:

  1. Denies being considered an Apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).
  2. Downplaying, and/or denying, the existence of the NAR.
  3. Mischaracterizing and blocking his critics, particularly on social media.
  4. Denies his involvement with the New Apostolic Reformation.
  5. Claims he is a Pentecostal (when in fact Pentecostalism condemns his practices and beliefs).

He continues to endorse convicted criminal NARpostle David Yonggi Cho, defended NARpostle Brian Houston who lied to a Royal Commission and covered up his father’s crimes of pedophilia (both which are serious offenses), and defended NARpostle Benny Hinnwho financially exploits people.

We agree with Dr James White! Men like Michael Brown (who love to promote themselves and their books), has “ZERO discernment” and “ZERO Spirit.”

The “Sneaky Squid Spirit” Saga:

Recently Chris Rosebrough called into Michael Brown’s ‘Line of Fire’ program in order to challenge him about Jennifer LeClair’s ‘Sneaky Squid Spirit’ doctrines.

[Click to Download]

When you listen to the exchange, Dr Brown comes out defending this false (NAR) prophet Jennifer LeClaire and her teachings on the ‘Sneaky Squid Spirit’.

This was a very revealing conversation, given that he also appears to demean Pastor Chris Rosebrough for holding to Sola Scripture as the means of prophecy of “traditional” Christian practices. This is the nature of the NAR, to continually show public disdain to the historic Christian faith “once and for all delivered to the saint” (Jude 1) and repeatedly elevate personal revelation and teachings at the expense of Jesus Christ and His Word.

And this is exactly what Michael Brown (guilty of ZERO discernment and ZERO spirit), did. He once again exhibited his NAR ‘snobbery’ so as to avoid scrutiny – tap dancing around the issues raised by Pastor Chris Rosebrough. Brown gave the impression that (non-charismatic) Christian pastors are in the wrong for holding to sound Christian doctrine, while at the same time giving a pass to LeClair’es ‘Sneaky Squid Spirit’ doctrine.

Yet Dr James White STILL endorses this “Zero Spirit” man.

If that’s not enough, Michael Brown recently had this to say on his FaceBook ministry platform:

A quick note to my Line of Fire listening audience. According to an anti-charismatic critic, you are “very gullible.” Just FYI! (Also, I’m “a hyper-charismatic cheerleader with a big microphone.”) Again, just thought you’d enjoy hearing that.

Source: AskDrBrown, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/AskDrBrown/posts/1941873475838245, Published 10/05/2017. (Accessed 10/05/2017.)

Some people made valid comments to Dr Michael Brown regarding men he endorses – such as Benny Hinn and David Yonggi Cho. This caused Dr Michael Brown (who actively refuses to take the time to investigate the doctrine or ministry of those he endorses), to state the following:

“I’ve actually had to delete some comments below because of ugly false accusations lodged against others (I’m not talking doctrinal disagreement; I’m talking outright slander). Yet this is done in the name of confronting charismatic gullibility. How remarkable, and how hypocritical. There are other posts that speak inaccurately of others, but I’m taking time to respond first, which is why some other posts remain. (It’s rare that I can interact here on FB, but since addresses some more personal questions, I wanted to be helpful. Otherwise, please do call my show with your questions or concerns.)”

Source: AskDrBrown, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/AskDrBrown/posts/1941873475838245?comment_id=1942394352452824&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R9%22%7D, Published 10/05/2017. (Accessed 10/05/2017.)

One such person, whose initial comment was deleted, is Steven Kozar of Messed up Church (who states he used to be an avid listener of Dr Michael Brown).

This was his comment to Michel Brown which “Zero Spirit man” thought was ‘slander’ (click to read it in full size):

Once again, Michael Brown’s ability to label critics as slanderers while giving a pass to fraudulent false prophets promoting a ‘sneaky squid spirit’, makes us wonder what James White sees in him. Clearly Michael Brown has demonstrated that as the “hyper-charismatic cheerleader” he is, he has proven to his “anti-charismatic critic” that he is “very gullible.”

You can read the entire conversation from FaceBook here:


Source: https://www.facebook.com/AskDrBrown/posts/1941873475838245

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