Dr Michael Brown and Bethel Cult leaders endorse one another.

Although Michael Brown denies being part of the NAR and being a General/Apostle of its end-times army, the evidence suggests otherwise – as does Bethel’s description of Michael Brown.

Bethel says, “Dr. Brown has devoted his life to helping raise up and equip an army of holy radicals…”

In this article, we see Brown speak at Bethel and see Bethel endorse Brown. In the link that provided Bethel’s description of Michael Brown, is the sermon where Vallotton opened up with this endorsement of Michael Brown,

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“We have just a really special guest. Somebody who’s just becoming a really good friend of mine. And how many of you were in when Dr Brown’s spoke today at school? [Crowd cheers] How was that? I didn’t think – [Crowd cheers] – today. We were at their Fire School at Fire Church in – where are you guys at anyway? – some place. Carolina. Yeah. That was awesome! And uh, Dr Brown spoke I think on Saturday night, wasn’t it? And that’s the first time- I’ve heard lots about him and read a couple of his books. That’s the first time I ever heard him speak. And Kathy was with me and I leaned over to Kathy and said, “We have to have him come.” Like, he is the piece of what we’re missing. And uh, we’re just, just becoming very good friends.”

Brown came back with this endorsement of the Vallotton’s and other folks at the Bethel cult:

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“It’s a distinct joy to be with all of you. And it’s been wonderful getting to know Chris and Kathy and the folks here. Their visit to ‘Fire’ impacted us wonderfully. So we’re honored to be here with you and expecting God to continue to move and to speak. So let’s keep our hearts open and see what happens amen?”

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