Breaking News follow-up: Brian Houston also exposed lying to Royal Commission about father’s sickness?

Earlier this year, we questioned the validity of Frank Houston’s sickness when Hillsong leader Brian Houston and ACC leader Keith Ainge claimed that Frank Houston was suffering fairly seriously with dementia, while evidence suggested likewise (that “Houston was suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s“).

Questioning Brian Houston’s testimony about his pedophile father’s ‘sickness’.

It now looks as though our line of question was valid with the surfacing of a sermon Frank Houston gave, (allegedly at Hillsong), weeks before he died.

Brian Houston swearing on the bible to tell the truth and the whole truth at the Royal Commission.

The surfacing of this evidence means Brian Houston lied repeatedly to the media and to the Royal Commission about Frank Houston never preaching again (to lie before a Royal Commission is a jailable offense). Listen to the controversial sermon and read more about this issue here.


The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse – Case Study 18: a public hearing concerned with the institutional response to child sexual abuse of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) and its affiliated churches.


Recently Steven Kozar reported on this issue as well.

Devastating Proof of Brian Houston Lying to the Royal Commision (and Everyone Else!)


We provide images from the above quotes Kozar recorded so people can share them online (at the bottom of this article – click on images to make them bigger).


Pulpit and Pen also covered this story here:

Did Hillsong Leader, Brian Houston, Lie Under Oath to Royal Commission?

ex-cult member Hillsong Tanya Levin


Tanya Levin also followed up on the leaked Frank Houston sermon. She claims, “Hillsong pastors are a straight up pack of liars.” This is true when one listens to Ps Chris Rosebrough review sermons by infamous Hillsong pastors like Bobbie Houston, Christine Caine, Diego Simila, Carl Lentz and others. If they are not afraid to lie from the pulpit, people must express concern as to how Hillsong leaders can be trusted at all when interviewed by reporters or government agencies. Tanya Levin also highlighted the fact that Brian Houston lied to the Royal Commission about Frank Houston’s health. The leaked audio also confirms that Frank Houston did not suffer from severe ailments that Brian Houston and Keith Ainge claimed he had, to the Royal Commission.

Levin gave her views on the leaked audio:

Brian Houston Lying to Media about Frank

“We know that Hillsong pastors are a straight up pack of liars. They say things like “We love you”, and “Everybody’s Welcome” and “We write our own books.”
So you know when the pastor’s lips are moving, he’s lying. The entire OJ Simpson defence team did not lie collectively as much as these guys can. Even the Kardashians are going now, purely out of professional respect.

But with all that money, and so much media, you’d really hope they’d throw a few bucks into covering up their lies better. Fascinatingly, they don’t.

When Brian Houston took the stand at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Australia in 2014 and said that he’d acted properly and ethically, we knew straight away he was lying. Because we’d been there and watched the first round of lies in 2001. Realising he couldn’t cover it up anymore as they had agreed to in the elders’ secret meetings, Brian made some kind of announcement at church services one Sunday. He stated that his father had committed a “serious moral failure”, you know, like lying to your mother on her birthday.

He never named his father Frank, founder of the church that became Hillsong, as a sex offender, only his family as the victims of some terrible tragedy that had happened to them, not the 7 year olds his father preyed on.
But later, when pressed he described some vague incident that had happened in New Zealand 30 years earlier. No big deal. Sounded like the old man had bumped into someone in the hallway and not said sorry.

Brian knew this wasn’t true. But no one had any power or evidence to dismiss it. And given the narrative was and continues to be about the Houstons’ suffering in all this, the victims have been mentioned recently, sparsely, mandatorily.
Under oath, Brian stated that as soon as he confronted his own father who confessed, Frank was removed from ministry, his credentials taken away and that he never preached again. He said that he’d told his church immediately, that he’d been open since the beginning about it, and that his father was never allowed in ministry again. The only true parts were that his credentials were taken away. The rest, even according to the documents Hillsong tendered to that court, is lies.

There are plenty of once innocent parishioners who were told to treat Frank like royalty when he was moved to their church. No one said, keep your kids safe from this old guy. And there’s plenty of people who heard him preach in the years before he died in 2004.

Now, there’s audio evidence. A tape surfaced this past weekend with Frank’s voice preaching just months before his death, ostensibly from dementia, yet he’s remarkably clear on this tape (in the comments). He has a few of his closest relatives nearby, including, surprise!, Brian’s son, Ben, and apparently, Brian and his sister, Judith.

Once introduced, Frank says:
“I’m glad if you know – to see young Ben here this morning, growing up. And uh – it won’t be too long before he’s bigger than his father. And wiser than his father. And more anointed than his father because God moves in generations. And my son Brian is doing great things for God, you know? And then I’ve got a daughter Judith. And Judith, my daughter, she’s doing great things for God.

And so on for an hour. So we know that nothing changed much for Frank. He preached his codswallop until he died and Brian knew all about it.

Here’s the thing. You can lie to your congregation pre-Twitter, you can lie to the Royal Commission, also called perjury, because you think they’ll never get around to checking up on you compared with what happened in Ballarat.

But you should not lie to Leila McKinnon. After the Royal Commission, Brian did media rounds and his face started to relax as he repeated the words his publicist had coached him on. Finally, saying things like “ i knew it was criminal” and “ i care about victims” 14 years after the fact appeared to be working. People were listening to him and his story got quicker and smoother.

And while we know it’s hard for the world’s oldest narcissists like Donald Trump to come to grips with technology, the truth is the evidence stays around after the show’s over. It’s not just teen girls who have to be careful with which way the web cam faces. The internet is permanent for everyone.
Brian is known for getting very upset at people on social media then deleting his comments. Maybe that’s how his whole life works. Have a tantrum, someone else cleans it up, who cares who’s crying? They won’t be on stage in the choir tonight.
But this isn’t 1982, and if you have go out and miss Mork and Mindy because your brother wants to look at motorbikes your parents will never let him have, you can actually watch the catch up now.

People share a whole lot of information, too. You can’t just keep them apart with hellfire and tithing demands. .

So when he told Leila Mckinnon on Inside Story
“We did tell people straight away. We did take his credentials away. He never did preach again and we did oversee and ensure that he was never put in a position to be close to kids to be able to do that again.”
He’s lying.

When he tells Karl Stefanovic the same thing, he’s lying.

You’d hope that if our government won’t follow him up on the multiple perjury charges, that Leila or Karl would. I’m calling on the true leaders of this country to go over their own interviews and see how horrible it is when Brian lies straight to your face, even when you ask him not to.

Because when Hillsong tell you your kids are safe there, you need only to look how they handled the most important case that crossed their paths. They covered up, lied and then lied when it came out. They lied to the Royal Commission and they lied to Leila and they lied to Karl Stefanovic. And we all know the only people allowed to lie to breakfast TV hosts are themselves.”

Source: Tanya Levin, FaceBook,, Published 02/10/2017. (Accessed 02/10/2017.)

Linking to the video of Frank Houston preaching, Levin continued her discourse.

But seriously, folks. Have a listen to this guy in 2004. Does he sound like someone who was too frail to have a meeting? Cos this was the reason he couldn’t face his accusers, according to Brian, under oath at the Royal Commission.

“From the time these exposures started coming out in late 1999 to 2004, I think probably because of the stress and the pain of all of this, and the humiliation, my father deteriorated very quickly into dementia. Month by month, year by year, he got worse, so I would say that by this time, my father was too sick to have that kind of meeting”

Source: Tanya Levin, FaceBook,, Published 02/10/2017. (Accessed 02/10/2017.)

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