Bethel pastor has a FITzgerald about his mother’s occultism being exposed.

Recently Bethel Pastor Ben Fitzgerald has been really angry with discerning Christians for calling his mom out for practicing occultism. Fitzgerald has been accusing Christians of… well… being Christian. His initial vent went for 1 hour and 20 minutes. His mother shared his video:

2017 Ben Fitzgerald loses it

His ‘rant’ was biblically incoherent and an embarrassment, exposing that Fitzgerald’s lack of biblical integrity will justify any occult practice. What was his motivation was for removing the video above?

A few days later, Ben Fitzgerald launched his next anti-biblical tyrade, spouting the cult-like nonsense espoused at Bethel to silence discerning Christians who have been calling out his mother for practicing witchcraft with her Christalignment ‘ministry’.

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His argument is no different to that of Bethel leader Theresa Dedmon who was served a solid biblical rebuke by someone who actually knew the bible. Read at the bottom of the article here:

Another Bethel pastor defends the occult practices of Jen Hodge and Christalignment.

We will address how biblically illiterate and spiritually bankrupt Ben Fitzerald really is, in further articles. In the meantime we answer a question Fitzgerald asked in the video above – let’s just call it ‘the elephant in the room’.

Refuting Ben Fitgerald - promoting witchcraft

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