Michael Brown endorses, and ministers beside New Breed deity, Todd White.

It’s one thing for Michael Brown to defend notorious heretics – it’s another to endorse and minister beside a man who claims to be a ‘god in human flesh’. The person who claims to be NAR ‘deity’ is Todd White:

The ‘New Breed’ Among Us (Part 3): Todd White.
How are we to regard Michael Brown, Todd White and other NAR leaders?

Recent coverage of how he affirms his deity:

Copeland affirms ‘little gods’ doctrine: Todd White claiming he is a ‘god’ (New Breed) in human flesh.

Yet here is Michael Brown quite happily ministering beside this ‘deity’ in bodily form:

Join Todd White, Daniel Kolenda, Michael Brown, and other leaders in Israel this June! This incredible 8-day trip is an opportunity to walk where Jesus walked and see the Word of God unfold in the landscape before you. It’s a trip you’ll never forget. For more info, visit israel2017.org/lifestylechristianity. (Link broken)

Source: Lifestyle Christianity, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/lifestylechristianity/videos/1808531456075206/, Published Feb 3 2017. (Accessed Dec 18, 2017.)


To demonstrate that this is not guilt by association, here is another link showing Michael Brown ministering beside Todd White at the event:


Source: Experience Israel 2017, Christ for the Nations, https://web.archive.org/web/20170219191102/http://www.cfan.org.au/experience-israel-2017, Accessed Dec 27, 2017

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