Fruit of Bethel – Jen Hodge threatens Christians, repeatedly lies; uses image of Christ on ‘destiny/tarot’ cards.

“For rebellion is as the sin of divination, and presumption is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has also rejected you from being king.” 1 Samuel 15:23

In yet another video, the only thing Jen Hodge has clarified is that she is quite prepared to set her face against God and His clear teachings and not repent of practicing witchcraft. In her attempt to malign Christian websites reporting on her occultism, Hodge fails to ‘clarify’ what Christalignment is actually all about. This is the same woman who has formerly stated that her tarot cards are not about leading people to salvation – but now she’s claiming they are.


See! We’re Christians! See?

This is the same woman who is now claiming,

“Nothing is hidden. Nothing is secret. We’re not taking down our website. We’re not altering anything that we do… And we fully support Bethel. So we’re not going to change anything we say or do for anyone.”

But when Pulpit & Pen broke the story, Jen Hodge pulled two of her videos that were clearly letting others see they were practicing what is recognized as legitimate tarot card readings. When people gave links to Kris Vallotton from the Christalignment website where it was explained how Destiny Cards are similar and used like tarot cards, Jen Hodge altered her website.

Jen Hodge – the truth is not in her; lying to Kris Vallotton and misleading Christianity

And it’s not just New Age festivals that Christalignment goes to, as they claim. They also have booths at:

    • Confest – this is not a New Age festival
    • Sexpos – these are not New Age festivals
    • Queer sexpos – these are not New Age festivals
    • Christian Easter events… these are not New Age festivals
    • Christian Christmas events… these are not New Age festivals

What Jen Hodge is not telling her audience in the video below is why her entire ‘ministry’ (if you can call it that), exists. She has made it plain that her ‘ministry’ is not about salvation.

Bethelgate – looking under the rug of Bethel administration

What this means is they will engage in New Age and occultic practices saying whatever they want to whomever they want. Sadly Christalignment also go to Easter and Christmas events with their Destiny Reading booth to do the same thing, with this wolf in sheep’s clothing inviting Christ’s sheep to trust and talk with her.

They are hiding the truth. They are being secretive. They are being deliberately dishonest in order to practice something God strictly forbids, claiming that it’s all about seeing people saved (even though they have previously made the claim that their ministry is not about salvation).

Jen Hodge is a medium – much like the witch who Saul called upon so he could talk to the dead prophet Samuel:

Jen Hodge – trained in ‘using divine energy’, in touch with her ‘inner gypsy’ & ‘in the hands of the spirits’?

In trying to convince people she is not using tarot cards, she shows a picture of two psalm cards – one portraying the cross, with her claiming, “Wow! It’s Jesus!” She then pulls up another Psalm Card showing an image of the resurrection – this actually makes her cards even more blasphemous. This is what she says about her Psalm cards:


Crucifixion/Resurrection Psalm Cards: “Psalm readings are similar to tarot in that cards are counted out according to your birth date & year. Only three cards are used and these will represent your past, present and future.” – Jen Hodge [Source]

Although she claims they are not remotely like tarot, Hodge cannot explain why they are meant to be used like tarot, read like tarot and have spiritual powers where people can have their ‘past, present and future’ revealed to them – like tarot. The fact they are even called ‘Destiny Cards’ is alarming as this is what New Agers and occultists call their tarot cards themselves, linking their Destiny Cards to the pagan occultic powers of the dead of ancient Egypt.

This is the ‘fruit’ we can expect to find with those associated with Bethel. Not Christ and His Word rightly preached. Not godly men and women. With Jen Hodge (and Bethel) accusing discerning Christian sites of creating ‘fake news’, people should regard their behaviour as a warning sign that the Truth is not in them. It clearly demonstrates that they care more about man than God, error than truth, lawlessness instead of contrite, repentant hearts.

In the video below, Jen Hodge continues with her slander against discerning Christians, refuses to repent of her wickedness and occultism and identifies herself in the same way the demon Legion identifies itself:

And Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, “My name is Legion, for we are many.” Mark 5:9

It’s clear to see Jen echoes with the identity of Legion in this video – she doesn’t identify with God, His Word and His Spirit. She identifies with the legion to intimidate the few.

Biblically speaking, did God use a multitude or a few against his enemies? On each occasion – in demonstration of His power, He chose a few. And that’s the difference here. The Christian websites Jen Hodge maligns, are founded on the Word of God, using only His Word to expose these frauds and flakes attempting to bring darkness against Christ and His flock.

Instead of repenting, Jen Hodge states she intends to continue her wicked work all in the name of Christalignment and Bethel.

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Source: KenandJenny Hodge, FaceBook,, Published Dec 29, 2017. (Accessed Dec 29, 2017.)

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