Bethel: Stretching the truth with… Destiny Pants?

Recently, Bethel Pastor and Christalignment tarot reader extraordinaire, Theresa Dedmon, came out in defense of Destiny (tarot) card readings.

Another Bethel pastor defends the occult practices of Jen Hodge and Christalignment

Many Christians are rightly exposing Dedmon’s bible twisting to justify her occultic tarot card practices. Her bizarre meanderings in defense of her Destiny Card divination practices are just as frivolous as her… Destiny Pants? This is not satire!

Theresa Dedmon


Does your fashion release the “love of God?” Do your pants enhance “awareness of God’s presence” or give people “heavenly encounters?” If your clothes are not doing this, then you need Theresa Dedmon’s ‘Destiny Pants’. Just as Destiny Cards give people encounters of the God kind, so too does Dedmon’s prophetic ‘Destiny Pants’ yoga leggings.

Theresa Dedmon writes,

“My fashion designs embody the prophetic art they are created from. Wearing my art enhances your awareness of God’s presence, and helps you become a walking encounter of Heaven’s message to those around you.”

Source: Theresa Dedmon, Clothing, TheresaDedmon.Com,, Accessed Dec 28 2017. [Archive]

Similar in design to Jen Hodge and Theresa Dedmon’s (tarot) ‘Destiny Cards’, Dedmon has designed clothing, (specifically yoga pants/leggings), so people can be “a walking encounter of Heaven’s message to those around you.” Both cards and pants are designed to enhance people’s awareness of God and to create a spiritual encounter for people.

What a pity the twelve apostles didn’t have access to Theresa Dedmon’s Destiny Pants. They could have been so much more effective with their evangelism and healing ministries.

Here are a number of Destiny Pants with  their descriptions:



“Isn’t She Lovely?” Destiny Pants – Archive
“Dancing Waters” Destiny Pants –
“Angels Surround You” Destiny Pants –
“Heavenly Mysteries” Destiny Pants –
“Veins of Glory” Destiny Pants –
“Love Crashes In” Destiny Pants –
“Lovely” Destiny Pants –

This was a satisfied client’s review of one of these Destiny Pants:

I absolutely love these leggings! They are a very high quality fabric with vibrant beautiful colors! They are easy to care for and appropriate for any season. I love wearing them with my tall black boots and a cardigan! I know the design releases visions of Heaven and I love that wearing fashion releases the love of God! Thank you!!!

Source: TheresaDedmon.Com,, [Archived]

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