Bethel’s Creative Arts pastor denounces Christalignment’s Destiny Card tarot practice and confesses to creating Destiny Cards.


While Bethel pastor Kris Vallotton retracted his denouncement of Christalignment’s Destiny Card tarot practices, Theresa Dedmon (who at first endorsed the use of Destiny Cards) has now clarified on her blog that although she came up with the idea of ‘Destiny Cards’, they were originally created for a different use.

It is true Dedmon is playing semantics claiming that her Destiny Cards were to be like Hallmark cards. (Hallmark cards don’t ‘call out the gold in others, and prophesy life and encouragement to them’.)

What is important to note in this article, is that Theresa Dedmon is essentially distancing herself and removing her endorsement of Destiny Cards being used the way the Hodges of Christalignment are using them. Nevertheless, we can see how the Hodges have taken this concept and pushed it to justify their New Age and occultic practices.

Dedmon’s cards seem to be more in line with Bethel’s laughable and poor excuse of prophetic evangelism known as ‘treasure hunting’.

Theresa Dedmon writes:

Sharing God’s Love Through Destiny Cards

A lot of people have responded to our previous blog “A Christmas Critique of Destiny Cards”.

Many of you may not be familiar with why I originally came up with the name “Destiny Cards”. In fact, some people have accused me of simulating tarot cards, and that I somehow endorse the practices of those who give “readings” through tarot cards.
This is a ridiculous accusation, and nothing could be further from the truth!
So, I wanted to clarify my beliefs and what I intended to mean by the word “Destiny Cards.”

Creative Evangelism
When I came up with the brand, Destiny Cards, to describe what we would give to people as we witnessed to them about the Good News of Jesus, I had in mind a Hallmark Card. I wanted to give people something that would communicate the good plans and purposes God had for each one if they would receive the truth of His love.

I believe that the Apostle Paul taught us that influence happens as we relate to the culture in ways that they can understand as we share the Good News. Many of us understand the power of the song “Amazing Grace” and the power of images created by Michael Angelo to share with all mankind the power of the Gospel.

One of the ways that I felt our culture could understand the love of God is through creating cards that would bless others, much like what we all receive on birthdays and for special occasions. In other words, if Hallmark could create cards that could make people tear up with love, why couldn’t we create “God-marked” cards that could bless others spiritually?

I coined the phrase, “Destiny Cards” to reflect that we call out the gold in others, and prophesy life and encouragement to them, as I Corinthians 14:3 instructs, “The one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.”
I have also called them encouraging cards, imparting cards, but as with Destiny Cards, they are one-of-a-kind cards that are meant to bless someone we know or will meet.

In creating a Destiny Card, the artist asks God to inspire them with something to draw that might bring someone hope or encouragement. We also write a poem, or testimony on the back to compliment what we drew. Then we ask God to lead us to a person who might benefit from what we have created to communicated God’s good plans and purposes for them (their destiny).

Here is a testimony so that you can understand what I mean.
One day, I took a pen, and made a mountain with someone going up the mountain with the saying in the front, “You can climb up any mountain.” Inside I wrote, “Because God is always with you and will never leave you or forsake you.”

It took me 5 minutes in the morning to create this Destiny Card.

I had no idea who it was for, but just stuck it in my purse. Later on, as my husband and I sat down for dinner, I noticed a woman who was distressed, and talking to the manager of the restaurant. I felt the card was for her, so I went over to her after she was done talking to the manager, and showed her the card.

She shrieked when I read it and collapsed in my arms. She told me that she not seen her previous boyfriend for 6 months, whom she had lived with for 5 years. Unexpectedly, he had come into the restaurant with another woman. As they sat down she went over to take his food order and he introduced her to his fiancé.

Her broken heart was healed, as I had the opportunity to lead her to Christ right there in the restaurant. She found Someone who would never leave her, Jesus Christ.

That’s the Good News!

Every week, my teams go out to encourage others and many while using cards that they have designed. Moreover, anyone, who is led by the Holy Spirit, can create cards that touch others.

Specifically, let me clarify my use of Destiny Cards.

What We Don’t Use Destiny Cards For:

1. My team does not use Destiny Cards to tell people’s future.
2. We do not use multiple Destiny Cards to minister to people
3. We do not look for people who are searching for a “reading”

What We Do Use Destiny Cards For:

1. To encourage people.
2. To give people hope.
3. To lead people to Christ.

All of us have an incredible privilege to represent Christ. I believe Jesus came to change our destiny and to teach us to trust in His Name. I want to empower the body of Christ to encourage those who don’t know His love by creating art, music, writing, food, and other creative ways, so that others see the love of God demonstrated through our own hands and prophetic insight.
I encourage you to never stop doing good by using your creative gifts, and believing that you can make a difference in someone’s life through what you create!

Remember, you are born to Create!

Sources: Theresa Dedmon, Sharing God’s Love Through Destiny Cards, TheresaDemon.Com,, Published Dec 29, 2017. (Accessed Jan 05, 2017.)


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  1. They use these cards “to lead people to Christ”?

    What a pathetic pack of impostors – deceiving and being deceived, and constantly going from bad to worse.

  2. She believes the apostle Paul says…wow. It doesn’t matter what she believes Paul’s motives or strategy was. It matters what Gods word says. Just showing their scripture twisting again. Paul didn’t cave to culture. He rebuked pagan practise and preached Gods word! Her cards don’t save anyone. Only Christ’s sacrifice and hearing the word does! Good grief. It just gets more bizarre by the hour.

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