Breaking story! NAR acknowledge someone as their own – #BrianHouston

Who is Lana Vawser? Lana Vawser is part of the notorious Elijah List and the Australian Prophetic Network.  She is also a false prophet who failed to prophetically foresee that she was sharing the stage with notorious thief, plagiarist and false prophet Amanda Wells at last year’s Australian Prophetic Conference (APC). (Read these articles for more information on Lana Vawser and the Australian Prophetic Council.)

So what  do Lana Vawser, Amanda Wells, Bill Johnson and Brian Houston have in common?

One key teaching in the New Apostolic Reformation cult is that these people demand Christianity be governed by modern day Apostles (Bill Johnson, Brian Houston) and “prophets” (Amanda Wells, Lana Vawser). However, as our research has pointed out, none of these self-appointed frauds in the NAR have any biblical accountability to Christ’s church and show no regard or adherence to laws in their countries.

In a Facebook post today, Lana excitedly proclaims:

“A very strategic and significant moment! Two amazing fathers and generals! Bill Johnson and Brian Houston! (Hillsong) This is strategic and destiny shifting for our two nations!”

Source: Lana Vawser, FaceBook,, 04/10/2016. (Accessed 04/10/2016.)

And in the Facebook comments, even more confirmation of the NAR agenda:

Lori Clifton says “AND today is the very FIRST time that they’ve met in person!!! 😊💥 America & Australia…Divine alignments are being reconfirmed in my heart!!”


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  1. “…Devine alignments are being reconfirmed in my heart!!!”. It seems nobody is even trying to put up a facade anymore. Generals? Yes, it is NAR.

  2. How much $$$ have Lana Vawser and “The Generals” made off this big nar lie?? Filthy lucre to make up filthy lies and tell them to the Body of Christ. How pathetic.

    It probably make some of the other regular nar foot soldiers out in the audience jealous. They don’t get paid anything to be in the nar movement, but Lana and “The Generals” are getting paid to be there. A big racket done out of greed.

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