Bethel Church peddling New Breed heresy (Part 3): Vallotton claims “You are gods” (aka Princes and Princesses)

PLEASE NOTE: What they actually say is what they actually mean: Bethel believes you are a ‘god’. Don’t fall for their word games.

Did you know that Kris Vallotton claims Christians are ‘little gods’? Did you know he is a good friend of Dr Michael Brown? So does is make sense that Michael Brown would also believes in this New Breed/Little Gods heresy that Vallotton teaches?

Time and again, Michael Brown endorses some of the most dangerous NAR Apostles and NAR Propehts in some of the largest and most dangerous cults who are perverting Christianity for their own selfish means. We say this in light of Bethel’s heretical NAR New Breed heresy. (The basic concept behind this teaching is that humans are actually divine.)

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Bethel can be quite subtle in pushing this blasphemy, other times they are blatant. In this case, it’s blatant.

On his website in 2016, Kris Vallotton advertised the following sermon titled ‘Your Identity as Sons of God” which he gave at Bethel.

The page reads,

“Most believers have no idea who they are called to be. We are called to be sons of God and we ought to behave as such! Check out this video on your identity as sons and daughters of God.

For more on this subject, check out my book Supernatural Ways of Royalty.

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Source: Kris Vallotton, DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?, KrisVallotton.Com,, Published May 27, 2016. (Accessed 27/06/2017.)

In the above sermon on his website, Vallotton claims we are little gods. But listening at his sermon, we need to consider how he came to such a bizarre belief. On the website Vallotton says,

“For more on this subject, check out my book Supernatural Ways of Royalty.”

We actually have the book ‘The Supernatural Ways of Royalty’. It is endorsed by all of the following NAR Apostles:

Steve Shultz, Myles Munroe, James Goll, Jack Taylor (deceased) and both Heidi and Rolland Baker.

The introduction not only teaches the false NAR Dominion Gospel that Jesus, (“the Captain of the Host conquered the devil” in Hell), the introduction proceeds to teach that heaven wasn’t “just waiting for rescued souls to be redeemed, but for the crowning of the sons who were to be revealed.” That is a paraphrase of the manifest sons of God heresy which often quotes Romans 8 out of context.

“For with his blood the Holy One of Radiance purchased rotten, ragged sinners and recreated us into His righteous, reigning Saints.” pg. 18.

It is important here that Vallotton called Christian’s ‘Saints’. Bill Hamon is another Apostle who calls the day of the arising New Breed, ‘All Saints Day’. Vallotton goes on to say:

“We are not just soldiers of the cross, we are heirs to the throne. The divine nature permeates our souls, transforms our minds, transplants our hearts, and transfigures our spirits. We were made to be vessels of His glory and vehicles of His light… Alternatively, we may be called the Children of God, the Engaged Bride, a Royal Priesthood, the Apple of His Eye, and a New Creation.” pg. 18

Note the language and concepts being promoted. Vallotton is promoting the Spirit of Adoption/Sonship heresy which naturally progresses people to embrace the New Breed heresy. This heresy teaches how believers can manifest on earth as gods (or little Jesus’) (Click here to read more in this.) Vallotton’s error becomes more clear as he starts using Latter Rain and Dominionist language as he continues his train of thought:

“His Royal Army is spreading the King’s glory all over the earth as we take dominion of this planet back from the defeated one. […] Armed with the power of the Holy Spirit and commissioned to re-present the King’s Son, we are healing the sick, raising the dead, and displacing devils.”

However, he ends the intro with this:

Paupers are becoming princes as a result, and the kingdom of this world is becoming the Kingdom of God!”

Vallotton has defaulted back to the heretical ‘Kings Kid’ theology.

NOTE: This heresy teaches people that they are little gods in human flesh. The reason why they have for a long time gotten away with this blasphemy is because this teaching was called the Spirit of Adoption or the Spirit of Sonship since the 1970s (aka Kings Kids). It was this Kings Kids mentality in the 70s that caused teachers like Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and many others teach we are little gods in the 80s and 90s. 

In his attempt to hide his New Breed heresy in this book, he claims that he received this ‘Paupers to Princes’ teaching from a direct revelation from God (pg. 21-24).

“… the Lord began to teach me about my identity as a prince.” (pg. 22)

And as a Prophet of God, Vallotton wants to teach you how God wants you to live like a Prince or Princess and not a pauper or castle tramp:

“The goal of this book is to share the revelation that the Lord has given me… I pray that you come along with me on this journey you will discover your identity as a prince or princess and begin to experience all the benefits of living in the King’s palace!” (pg. 24)

His teaching are as old as the New Order of the  Latter Rain (NOLR) movement. He is not saying anything new. He is simply pitting a deified New Breed of Christian against Christians. So you can start to see how Vallotton’s King’s Kids theology back in 2006 has led him to believe today how we are little Gods.

If you have any doubts, go to his website and watch the entire sermon ‘Your Identity as Sons of God’.

In the sermon footage, Kris Vallotton claims that Christians are ‘little gods’. In the typical fashion of false teachers, he attempts to convince Christians his position is not extreme (“we’re not Mormons”). So he KNOWS exactly what critics are thinking he is claiming. Nevertheless, he takes Psalm 82 (the very scripture Jesus used to denounce the religious leaders of his day), to make the claim “you were created a little lower than the angels. But when you got born again, the angels serve you, now you became heirs of salvation in which the angels serve.”

Combine this with Bill Johnson’s claim as to why he thinks one of his “primary jobs is to teach Christians how to realize and spend their inheritance” and you begin to see how Bethel leadership holds to the belief that believers are all ‘little gods’ on earth through being “born again.”

He then promotes the Spirit of Adoption/Sonship heresy to justify we are Gods because just as Jesus is the son of God who knew the Father, we are sons of God who know the Father.

Kris Vallotton – Your Identity as Sons of God [16:07- 23:52]

“… In fact Jesus quoted the Psalmists when He said, ‘You are gods’. And the word gods is little ‘g’. Yea is big ‘G’ and you are little ‘g’, you’re a little ‘g’ god. I understand we’re not Mormons, don’t take this too far, I’m saying that before you were born again, you were created a little lower than the angels. But when you got born again, the angels serve you, now you became heirs of salvation in which the angles serve.

You didn’t make you this, listen you didn’t make you this. If you did, then you would be arrogant. All you’re doing is receiving what Daddy did for you. Daddy did this for you, and that’s why you can say, ‘if you don’t believe me on account of my words, then believe me on account of my works.’ Because greater works you do when I go to be with the Father.

What’s the point? The reason you do miracles is because your Daddy is God. [Audience applauds] Jesus never said, ‘go out and pray for the sick’, He said, ‘go heal the sick’. Only God can heal the sick, you’re heirs to the throne, you’re acting like God because you’re children of God, your Daddy is in charge of the universe. Listen, you if teach people to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons, and you don’t teach them who they are, then they have a performance based identity. But as soon as you figure out who you are, you’re like, ‘if that’s who I am, where’s my power?’ [Audience applauds]

The reason why miracles didn’t pass away with the Apostles, is because you are children of God. From the time Jesus died on the cross, till the time He returns for you, you will still be a child of God. And if you only know how to act supernaturally because your Daddy is God of the universe. When you act like God, you’re being yourself. That’s why Paul said in Ephesians 5, ‘be imitators of God.’ What are you doing? I’m acting like my Daddy.

Creation is waiting for you to get it. It’s under a curse, because you don’t know who you are. (Spoken in a mocking tone) ‘Well you know, we don’t want to build ourselves up too big. This is just a sinner saved by grace, you know, I’m just lucky to get in, that’s what I am.’ Well that’s a really weird way to act, when Jesus said in John 17, ‘Father the glory you gave me, I want you to give them.’ (Mocking tone) ‘Well I believe in prayer, but I don’t know if He answered that one.’

Do you think that Jesus said to the Father, ‘the glory you gave me, I what you to give them’ John 17? And the Father said, ‘I don’t think so, ain’t going to do it.’ The only reason you have a bad thought in your head, is because you have a devil who wanted to be what you became. He said, ‘I will be like God, I will raise up to the assembly of the most High, and I will be like God.’ And God said, ‘no you won’t, you’ll be thrust down.’ Where were you seated? In heavenly places. What did he want to be? ‘I will sit in the assembly of the most High’, and God goes, ‘no you won’t sit in the assembly of nothing, you’re going to the earth.’ He thrusts him down to the earth, and then what did He do? He took away his power and let him live. What? So he can watch, part of his punishment was watching billions of people on the planet, be made in the image of God, the very thing he wanted. [Audience applauds]

He said, ‘I will be like God.’ God goes, ‘no you won’t, I will put you down on the planet, I will put you on the earth, and I will make billions of people like me. They will be made in My image and in my likeness, you will never forget Me, because they will step on your head time after time. And then when they get done tormenting you for thousands of years, then I’ll throw you in the lake of fire.’

You were born to torment the tormentor. (Mocking tone) ‘The devils after me, the devils after me, the devils after me’, dude, no you’ve got it all screwed up in your brain. (Mocking tone) ‘I don’t know what to do I’m under attack.’ Well if you submit to God and resist the devil, I heard he runs. But the devil is like a dog, as long as you run, he’ll chase you. He doesn’t care if it’s a little Fifi dog, a little fluffy duffys. If he yaps, yap, yap, yap, and you run, he will run after you. Have you ever thought if you just stand like, ‘what are you doing?’ ‘Yahhh’.

Man you don’t realise I have troubles in my life. Well, you can always tell the size of a man by the size of the problem it takes to discourage him. Do you have a trouble? Or do you have a miracle in your life? It looks like a problem. Well listen, every miracle was a problem at one time, until it became a miracle. You’ve got to have a mess, before you can have a message, and a test before a testimony.

Listen to this, I’m almost done. Psalm 16:3, ‘As for the saints who are in the earth, they are the majestic ones in whom is all my delight.’ You’re not nameless or faceless, you have a name and a face.

Isaiah 55:5, ‘Behold, you will call a nation you do not know, and a nation which knows you not will run to you, because of the Lord your God, even the Holy One of Israel; He has glorified you.’ That’s a good word. You rock. And you didn’t even do it to you!

Why don’t we just try this, it will be painful at first. Just say this, ‘I am amazing’ [Audience repeats]
‘I am God’s greatest creation’ [Audience repeats]
‘He loves me to death’ [Audience repeats]
‘I rock’ [Audience repeats]
‘I was born to do greater works than Jesus’ [Audience repeats]
‘I was born for glory’ [Audience repeats]
‘nations are attracted to me’ [Audience repeats]
‘because I’m so good looking’ [Audience repeats]
‘and I have the mind of Christ’ [Audience repeats]
‘therefore I think like God’ [Audience repeats]
‘He is my inheritance, I’m His inheritance’ [Audience repeats]
‘and He actually likes me, and I like me too’ [Audience repeats]
‘and if you got to know me, you would like me [Audience repeats]
‘creation knows who I am, the devil knows who I am, God knows who I am, the angles know who I am, and today, I know who I AM.’ [Audience repeats and applauds]

Source: Kris Vallotton, Your Identity as Sons of God, YouTube,, Published on Jan 27, 2011. (Accessed 26/06/2017.)

Description under YouTube video: “Kris shares about how most believers have no idea who they are called to be. In a nutshell, Kris explains that we are called to be sons of God and in understanding that, we ought to behave as such.”

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