“Bethel is a cult,” concludes Justin Peters after reviewing Bethel’s baptismal testimonials.

Justin Peters did not hold back on his recent YouTube video after reviewing some Bethel baptismal testimonials.

The testimonies were indeed absurd and very disturbing. Bethel leader, Joel Power was up on the stage encouraging people to share why they were being baptised.

While many were abysmal reasons, this one was noticeably bad:

Joel: “Hi friend. Tell us your name and why you are being baptised tonight.”

Crystal: “Hi! I am Crystal. Haha! I just know that God is calling me to be a warrior for his animal kingdom. And that I am to lead angels- an army of angels to protect animals across the world. (Starts sobbing as crowd applauses). And I know I just can’t do it without God.” (8:35)

Justin Peters insisted that Bethel is a false church (a cult) and repeatedly condemned the leadership of Bethel for deliberately neglecting to preach the scriptures faithfully and denying their audiences the one true gospel.

“Bethel. It’s a false church. It’s not just that they do some weird stuff. It’s not just that they grave soak and have gold dust and fire tunnels and stuff like that. That’s just some of the bad low-hanging fruit that comes off a rotten theological tree. It’s a false church. It’s a cult.” (41:43)

At the very end, Peters preached a sobering gospel message warning Christians against Bethel’s false Christ, false shame and false gospel in an attempt to point people to know the difference between worldly shame and Godly shame, and to know what the one true Gospel is.


“Many people view Bethel Church pastored by Bill Johnson as a church with definite charismatic excesses but it still preaches the real Jesus and the real Gospel. But does it? No, emphatically not. In today’s podcast, I will show you that Bethel church is a false church and will do so from a bit different approach than most who have done so – by looking at their baptisms. *I was informed in a comment that the first Bethel staff person featured in this video is not named Chris but rather Joel Power.”

Source: Justin Peters Ministries, Wonder If Bethel Is A False Church? Wonder No More, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvHK2MjPZCk, February 05, 2023. (Accessed February 07, 2023.)

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“Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?” Galatians 4:16

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