Bethel & Ben Fitzgerald need to be held accountable as occultists continue to establish deep connections with Bethel & Awakening Conferences.

Towards the end of last year Bethel Church Redding, California attempted to distance themselves from a group in Australia who practice and promote witchcraft. This particular group engaged in New Age and occultic practices such as tarot card readings, stone readings, rain/spirit dancing, connecting to energies/heavens/angels/warrior spirits and practicing henna tattooing. (CWC thoroughly established that this group practices tarot card reading and occultic henna art.)


Church Watch Central exposed how Bethel had one of its ‘own’ connected with Christalignment. Bethel pastor Ben Fitzgerald’s mother and Christalignment leader Jen Hodge are up front in stating that their ministry is not about leading people to salvation and making disciples but to “to get them into a brand new relationship with God” [link]. Bethel leadership could not deny their connection to Christalignment and as a result, they retracted their statement against Christalignment.

To add fuel to the fire, Jen Hodge, lied to Bethel leadership and changed her website in order to publicly attack discerning Christians who were confronting her over her occult practices. And Bethel leadership Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and Theresa Dedmon, appeared to have no issue with Jen Hodge’s behaviour. Defending the occultic Christalignment resulted in Bethel acting with hostility towards sincere Christians, attacking them publicly. To this day Jen Hodge’s son, Ben Fitzgerald, (who is a BSSM graduate, Bethel pastor and Bethel missionary) continues to defend his mother’s practicing ‘witchcraft’ in the name of Jesus.

Refuting Ben Fitgerald - promoting witchcraft

In fact, Ben Fitzgerald not only defended her occultic practices and harsh behaviour towards discerning Christians, he had the audacity to claim that both he and his mother ‘loved’ their critics while behind the scenes they threatened them with legal action, falsely accusing them of ‘stealing’ from them. In our ongoing investigations into Christalignment we also found that they plagiarised/stole the work of others. When Bethel defended Christalignment, they stated that the group existed as ‘disguised outreach’ for New Age events. However, Christalignment make no attempt to ‘disguise’ their true occult identity at churches and ‘Sexpos’ (the health, sexuality and lifestyle exhibitions they like to ‘align’ themselves with) – clearly proving that Ben Fitzgerald, Bethel and Christalignment are prepared to lie in order to silence any criticism.


This article presents the truth about Ben Fitzgerald’s deception and his mother’s occultic infiltration of Bethel’s ‘Awakening Australia’ conference. One particular falsehood Fitzgerald has been promoting is that ‘Awakening Australia’ has no link to Bethel – however by posting the schedule of ‘Awakening Australia’ below, the truth becomes clear. We also address concerns about those speaking at this event, questioning why they appear to have no problem endorsing the ministry of the practicing necromancer, Ben Fitzgerald.

We also address some of the bizarre things that occultist Jen Hodge and her husband have been saying:

  1. About their relationship with Bethel,
  2. How Bethel is involved in their occultic readings and practices at their Christalignment tent.
  3. How this particular group (coven) is promoting Ben Fitzgerald’s ‘Awakening Australia’.

Included is a video of Jen Hodge and Ben Fitzgerald ‘worshiping’ together at a leaders event before the Awakening Conference started.


Awakening Schedule

NARpostle – Phil Pringle
In this schedule we note that NARpostle Phil Pringle from C3 speaks at this event. This false prophet was a key figure in bringing about the downfall of his ‘friend’ Kong Hee – with Pringle’s false prophecies and terrible leadership contributing to Hee’s three-four year prison term.

This is the same man who also has been involved in a number of financial scandals in his movement (including a scandal that involved him providing cover for two of his pastors who knew of a woman’s son being sexually molested by her husband). The woman records that Pringle met with her with his ‘legal advisor’ Simon MacIntyre, (who in reality is NOT a legal advisor but was a senior C3 pastor who now oversees C3 European churches). It appeared this tactic was used to intimidate the woman and put the situation to rest without dealing with the matter properly.

NARpologist – Daniel Kolenda
Another in the schedule of speakers is Michael Brown’s poster boy, NARpologist Daniel Kolenda. This false prophet tours with his NARpostle Reinhardt Bonnke, promising miracles to the desperate in third world countries, praying on their gullibility to bolster his name and ministry. A strong advocate of the NAR Gospel of the Kingdom, with emphasis on ‘signs and wonders’ to convince people ‘to want what he’s having’. This false gospel does not create true believers, only false converts much like Simon the sorcerer, wanting the power of God for their own selfish means.

NAR God – Todd White
It is also worth highlighting that they have invited an NAR ‘little god’ to this event, New Breed Todd White. White rose to prominence after it was revealed to him he was a ‘New Breed’ (little god, little Christ) by Patricia King around 2008. Todd White’s very presence at this event is a visual ‘doctrinal statement’, encouraging Apostles/Prophets and NAR followers to step into their ‘divinity’ as Todd has successfully done.

NARpostle Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker is also speaking, a known demoniac.

NARpostle Katherine Ruonala
Apostle and Prophet Ruonala is well-known for promoting the notorious false teacher and plagiarist, Amanda Wells at her Glory City Church. Ruonala has never repented of her covering up the many deceptions of Amanda Wells.


Features included the “spread”, or disposition on the table, and strictly assigned meanings to each card both in regular and in reversed positions, characteristics that are still central to tarot divination today.”

Here are more statements made by Jen Hodge reinforcing her close associations to Bethel and Awakening Conferences.

“Such an amazing time in at Dandenong market today training this great bunch of Bethel revivalists joining the Christalignment team for Awakening Australia. Mind Body festival here we come. Australia will not be the same as they are on fire. Over 3 days the team will see over 400 people who have never encountered the love of God before ❤️”

Source: Jen Hodge, Australia For Jesus, Facebook,, Published November 13, 2018.

“Bill Johnson, (Pastor of Bethel Church) is another incredible friend and an anointed General of this generation will be traveling all the way from Redding California, because its Gods time in Australia! Don’t miss out on this catalytic event! Australia for Jesus”

Source: Jen Hodge, Australia For Jesus, Facebook,, Published October 17, 2018.

“This is our tent of hope AWAKENING DANDENONG. It is not only 3×6 metres. It is very big as we are able to speak into hundreds of lives 4 days a week, every week, every month , every year. It is a permanent encampment. The powerful team represent 14 different churches and have the power to disable spirits big time. Pray for us as we prepare to give out hundreds of free Awakening tickets

Source: Jen Hodge, Australia For Jesus, Facebook,, Published October 12, 2018.

The body of Christ is literally seeing and hearing cults like Bethel, and occultic groups like Christalignment, call down demonic spirits and attributing demonic works to the Holy Spirit. Jesus says such blasphemous claims are unforgivable. 

In the Christalignment video below, we get a good summary of what is still going on in this occultic ministry. Jen Hodge, who was filming, allowed a young woman share her experience. Talking about the ‘diviner’ giving her the reading, the young woman stated, “What the cards told her, like I related [too].”

[Click to Download]

 At the four minutes mark, another Christalignment ‘diviner’ shares how they got their customer to engage in ‘colormancy’ (also known as chromatology), stating:

“I had this lady who um, who had a bad marriage. And she’s just come out of it. And it’s been a year. She’s been through a lot of verbal abuse and a lot of physical abuse. And she wanted to know what the future was for her in terms of her relationships and her personally, herself. So, I did give her [inaudible] – transition – [points to cards] and future. And basically the color yellow stood out and that’s the color of hope. And I told her that, you know, that hope is actually going to increase in her life. There’s been glimpses of hope and she’s right now at a stage where she, um, is seeing the hope. And she’s becoming more and more child-like in her faith. And she’s seeing that something good is going to come out of this.”

At the six minutes mark, the Christalignment ‘diviners’  claim that through the tarot cards the “christ spirit showed us in this card that, um, he was a really deep thinker”. The ‘diviners’ interpreted the walls in the card to describe the pressure the customer sometimes feels. These practices are strictly forbidden by God, highlighting that the ‘christ spirit’ is nothing more than a demonic spirit.

Awakening Australia heavily promoted their leader’s night (part of their ‘Flood Night’) as well. The practice of divination (omen reading) is present in this meeting, reading into the name of the stadium. At around 3:24, the host prays,

“… come and dock on our land, Holy Spirit come and dock on our land. Fly into what used to be Etihad Stadium, turn us into heroes in your name, a Marvel hero, we rise up into who you are. Come and dock on our land…”

The Holy Spirit is a ‘boat’ and the children of God are ‘Marvel’ heroes?


For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4

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